Puebla, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: You can have with you 3 gr and will be considered as a personal consume thats what the law says but not to many pigsss know that law up tp 3 gr is considered as a crimminal offense with fines about 5,000 pesos 500 dollars and one year in prison.

Law enforcement: if the cops got ya with a fat joint in your mouth in front of them smoking it, of course you’ll get prosecuted try to smoke in parks with not too much crowd “ganja is not quite accepted by the community” , the cool thing is that corruption is the greatest thing in mexico so you can always offer a bribe and it will be accepted.

Where to buy marijuana in Pubela: puebla have a lot of residence areas with mansions and expensives houses you can go to one named “arboledas” where you’ll find 5 to 10 dealers in the street (funny people, suspicious characters) they will be able to hook ya up with one of the best weeds in mexico ( some imported), they will also sell hard drugs like cocaine lsd crack and some of them anfetamines, but that’s definetly the place to look all the rich kids buy from them so that’s why they have high potency GaNjA!

You can also try downtown in the bars and pubs finding nice youth free smoke people is not HARD, but they will have lower quality “mota”.

Pubela marijuana prices: hydro and indoor grown : you can get 5 grams for 100 pesos ten dollars …::::IMPORTED WEED::::….

White widow this a very rare kind of weed in mexico you will only find it in puebla, mexico city and queretaro city…1 gr:10 dollars if you get a good dealer you can get 3 gr for the price of ten dollars.

Blueberry weed: also another kind of weed you’ll only find in mexico city puebla and queretaro, believe high potency ganja , the mexicans are not used to that quite of high potency ganja so if you get you will be able to bloooooow some locals they will be sooo high!!!


is a lot cheaper but the quality is not the same but if you only want to get HIGH you’ll get HIGH……40 and 50gr for the cost of only 10 bucks..

Brands: White widow 🙂

blueberry 🙂

hydro 🙂

Lima-Limon: this a good quality mexican weed you wiil find it and all downtown puebla you will get high…

More information: the city of puebla counts with some beatiful green areas and parks good places to smoke some of the best marijuana of all over the country!!!!