Prishtina – Pristina, Kosovo

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of the herb and smoking it is illegal, but you will find were pretty tolerant to its use, as Kosova has bigger issues to deal with at the moment.

Law enforcement: Police are rather ignorant on this issue, they classify marijuana as just another “DRUG”, if you’re obvious they will stop you and give you a hard time. Avoiding them is not too hard, as theres plenty of parks and green environment in Prishtina.

Where to buy marijuana: Theres several dealers in Prishtina, you won’t find them on the streets, the good ones are pretty organized and you will need a local contact to help you obtain the stuff. Don’t hesitate to talk to younger people in English, you will find them pretty friendly and willing to help. If you don’t know any locals, try the internet caffe owners, bartenders, and younger taxi drivers.

Marijuana prices: Prices can range from 3 euros to 20 euros per gram, depending on dealer and quality.

Marijuana Brands: Albanian – a lot of times it is sprayed with some poisons (for example: pink rat poison, blue rock)…but you also get bigger quality and quantity comparing to other weeds around for the same amount of money… it is often more like a party type of weed rather than a type of weed that gives you a natural high

More information: Public use is not recommended, either smoke indoors or take advantage of our great outdoors, have a walk through Germia, find a place of your liking, and light one up 😉