Pretoria, South Africa

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.3


Legislation: Possession, as in Jhb, is illegal. If you are caught you will likely get your weed confiscated, but as long as it is only a small amount a fine will be the harshest of penalties.

Possession is illegal, although seeing as SA is partly a third world country, getting caught should not be a problem as long as you are cautious. Be prepared to pay a $20-$30 fine if you are unfortunate enough to get caught.

Law Enforcement: In Pretoria the police tend to focus more on alcohol and violence related crimes, although you would do better avoiding uniformed individuals altogether.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Pretoria: You can pretty much try most black guys loitering around street corners, or even street vendors, low profile parking lot security guards or domestic workers. These will mostly sell you mediocre weed, so if you want some decent skunk you will have to look further. Check out any bars or lounges in the CBD area, just keep it subtle. A great place to visit would be Tings ‘n Times in Hatfield (most young Pretorians should be able to direct you to it). They have great food, openly advocate cannabis use and usually play good, mellow music. Your best bet would be asking a group of students or possibly one of the waiters, they will surely know where to get really good grass.

Pretoria Marijuana Brands and Marijuana prices:¬†Marijuana is dirt cheap in South Africa. You can get a banky (20-25grams) of good quality skunk for about R120 ($15). The local stuff (Swaz, Durban Poison) is also worth trying and will cost you about R80 ($10) per banky. Finding the above mentioned isn’t too difficult, but if youre desperate you can try the streets. You will pay about R15 ($2) for four joints worth of terrible weed.

Brands: The range is broad. Local stuff includes swazi, durban poison, malawi and various other smaller strains. You can however get anything from super skunk to northern lights, depending on how lucky you get.

More Information: As safe as it might seem to smoke up in South Africa, you should always be weary of the conservative middle class white man. Try to avoid the outer suburbs of Pretoria. As long as you stick to the central areas of Pretoria, you can practically smoke wherever you want to, just don’t be stupid about it. As sad as it is, the police force in this country is severly underpaid, so if they are not stoners themselves, they probably wouldn’t be bothered about a tourist toking up in a quiet area.