Porto Alegre, Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.3

Legislation: Marijuana is ilegal in Porto Alegre, although it is widely used by its alternative youth on public parks.

Law enforcement: Lax, they usually will not fine, arrest you, or even care if you are not doing it in a crowded place, in front of cops or having arguments with the cops. Remember: laws in brazil are very transformed, depending on the cop that is enforcing them, it may change a lot but usually they will not do anything other than confiscating your weed.

Where to buy marijuana: I will not write the name of my dealer here nor tell you some drug dealing point but you should talk to people on clubs, they usually know/use/sell it, out of that skaters on Parque Marinha do Brasil’s (Park Brazilian Navy) half-pipes would usually sell or have some to spare if you are a nice guy/girl :). (specially if you are a foreigner)

another very easy place to buy not so cheap weed, but generally good is PARQUE DA REDENÇÃO or FARROUPILHA near the sports area. There are always at least 2 drug dealers, but you have to be smart in order they don’t sell you pieces of tree – you have to see and smell it – VERY QUICKLY – to check it.

Marijuana prices: Vary a lot, depending on the quantity you are purchasing, getting a kilo for R$700(350 dollars) would be fair, as would pay R$3(1,5 dollars) for a gram, its up to how much do you buy, where do you buy and whom did you buy it from.

Marijuana brands: Also might vary a lot. Professional dealers usually dont have the best stuff (hence, is the cheapest) since it is grown in large quantities and exported from other states, they are likely to have something from schwag to a low quality Chronic. Buying from non-professional dealers in small quanitites is most likely be fine homegrown, but also a bit more expensive (or for free if they are your friends).

More information: If your are a minor or a tourist you will probably have no trouble, but you might be required to pay a little bribe on the cops. Marijuana its usually called Bיque (you say it becky), Baseado (bahseeahdoo) or Maconha.

Have a safe trip 😉 (literally) and be sure to visit the sweet alternative clubs in our town.