Plymouth, Missouri

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.1


Legislation: Cannabis is a Class C drug in Britain. It has the lowest penalties: a maximum of two years and/or unlimited fine for possession; five years and/or unlimited fine for trafficking. It includes tranquillisers, some less potent stimulants, and mild opioid analgesics (eg buprenorphine which is used in the treatment of opioid dependency). It also includes liquid cannabis, cannabinol and cannabinol derivatives (THC) (as of Jan 29, 2004).

Law enforcement: Plymouth, being next to the sea, is one of the UK’s biggest drug hotspots. If you play wisely (or go to the nearby countryside) and smoke it, you’re hardly going to get into any bother from the police. However, buying requires having to go to west of Plymouth (very dangerous) or in the city centre (risk of getting caught).

Where to buy marijuana: Stonehouse, Devonport, Keyham, North Prospect, Prince Rock, Efford. These areas are reknowned for drugs, but a riddled with crime, so it’s best to stay out.

The city centre has large groups of stereotypes (goths, skaters, chavs), so you’re bound to find some MJ

Marijuana prices: Solid (poobar) 1/8 = £5 Weed (green) 1/16 (half a teenth) = £5 “9” bar = £180

Other variants are common, but for the best price/quantity ratio, a half teenth of green seems to outweigh the others. Solid is common, but is generally useless and tastes like Indian food.

Marijuana brands: Thai Green, White Widow, Chronic, Normal, Solid. There are plenty of other varieties, but I gave up smoking

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