Phuket Island, Thailand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Thailand but the police in Phuket Island is fairly corrupt.

It wouldnt be advisable not to smoke in public or in dodgey back streets, but smoking on the beach or hotel balcony should be kept discrete.

Another reporter added: “You definitely DO NOT want to get caught with weed in Thailand. The cops love to give you a hard time, and like most Thais, they love the smell of Farang money.”

Law Enforcement: Law enforcement generally corrupt, can be bought off for around 20,000B if you run into trouble, such as, possession, smoking in public, and getting narc’d out.

Another reporter added: “Stay the hell away from them. Be polite and smile a lot :)”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Phuket Island: If you are in Phuket Island, for a consistent score, head to Patong Beach where there are jetski rentals and parasailing. Be cool and ask the guys renting out the equipment to hook you up.

A recent tip we got is: “Patong Soi Eric the Regee beer bar”. If you’re there – you surely know what that means…

Another one from patong bay: “Not from people who wrap their pot in tons of plastic and burn the edges.

It will be a very little chance that it really is marijuana.

Look for the mid 20s people who work on the beach.”

Another reporter added: “Taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers are the way to go. I recommend renting a cab for several hours.”

Phuket Island Marijuana Prices: An expensive 3000B for about 4-5 grams of shitty brick weed. But it’s good if you’re bud-starved.

another reporter added; “300Tb = 1.5g of thai stick. THC about 6 – 12 %”

Another reporter informed us of “1000TB for 10 grams”

and also: “I paid 1000 baht for about 5-7 grams of compressed outdoor sativa. It was absolutely seedless and plenty potent. It comes from the north of Thailand from what I hear. The guys who got it for me threw in a pack of Rizla Blues, and I rolled up a 3 gram spliff for us (of THEIR bud). I got reallllly high, and they complimented my rolling skills. :)”

Brands: Thai Stick ia the most normal type of weed in Phuket.

You should also be able to find low quality hash or as one reported Nepalese Temple Balls.

Sinsemilla Thai outdoor ganja. Good stuff!

City Report:

before embarkin i thought id have no pot during the whole trip cuz ive heard bad rumours about se asia and drugs. but once i got to phuket, thailand, i thought i should give gettin it a try. so i asked around – mostly vendors on the street. and within a few minutes i was heading to a locals house on the back of a scooter. we got to his gaff which was in pretty poor and run down shanty town. i walked with him into his house and imeadiately smelled pot. i found 3 people sittin on the floor toking on a massive bamboo hole. they greeted me with a lot of friendliness. i sat myself down on the floor and was offered the bong which i toked for a while. another of the guys started emptying out a cig and making a secret agent which he then gave to me 😀 after a while i was offered a ridiculous amount of brick weed (about 2 grams) for an exp ensive 1000 bath (about 20 us dollars). the next day i thought id try again so i asked some blokes renting out jetskis on the beach. one of them went to get another guy and then came back with a bag of thai stick with about 5 grams in it for only 300 bath – 6 euros/dollars!! this stuff also tasted great. after having smoked it i tried again and a this time a diff jetski renter took me to his house and gave me some more yummy thai stick. this time i got about 5 grams for 500 bath. so..

i cant be complaining.