Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Technically smoking pot is illegal in cambodia. However given that the cambodians use it in cooking, restaurants use it on pizzas, and corruption is rampant it generally is not a problem so long as your sensible. Remember this is a very poor country, and people may be desperate for a sale or (other extreme) split a bribe..

Law Enforcement: In area’s like the Lake side you will have almost no problem with police as the local bars and guesthouses bribe the police to create a sort of ‘Green Light District’ in the middle of Phnom Penh.

Otherwise generally you will barely ever see any police around, just dont smoke in a non-tourist public area. Be sensible.

Where to buy Marijuana in Phnom Penh, Cambodia : You can almost always buy weed in the backpacker’s district, or by the lake side. as you make your way towards the restraunts on the water’s edge, you will most likely be confronted by 2 or 3 men asking you “you want joint?” by joint they just mean weed. prices go about 2$ for a decent bag. if you pay them more they will remember your kindness and deliver to parties or to city addresses for you

and another reporter added: “While living there I found the best place to buy from are the happy pizza shops along the lakeside. You can straight out ask or if your’e a little sketched out try asking them for rolling papers and usually they will offer. The stuff sold here is slightly better than any of the stuff you will buy off a street dealer or tuk-tuk/moto driver, but there is always them.

If you’re up for a good night go down to the Lake side where you will almost be surrounded by dealers asking you if you want to buy all sorts of drugs from weed to opium. They are usually found smack in the middle of the lake side main road and they will be more discrete before sunset and openly deal after sunset.

WARNING: When dealing with street dealers make sure you have the money you want to pay in cash in your pocket or something. The street dealers will get very close to you and ignore your personal space. So its a BAD idea to take out your wallet to pay because as soon as you give your dealer the money for the weed someone else will try and grab your wallet out of your hands. I learnt that the hard way.

Another good place to buy weed is also at the lakeside at the bar ‘Magic Sponge’ just ask the guy at the bar for a joint and he will roll you one or give you one he’s already rolled. There nice and big joints but have more baccy than normal (hey the guy has to make a living) if you go when its not busy he will probably roll one and join you on his ps2. Great guy :)”

Phnom Penh Marijuana Prices: Buying off street dealers/tuk-tuk drivers and moto drivers its important to know you can bargain. If your good you can get a medium sized bag (I estimate about a 1/4) for $2-5USD but thats if you can bargain well. Dont buy for more than that off a street-dealer your getting ripped off.

Buying at the pizza places costs a little more because the weed is better so you can buy in bags of $10USD or $15USD the bags again look like they contain about a 1/4 but you never know how much your getting unless you weigh but I doubt any cambodian dealer will care if its under/over weight.

At the Magic Sponge joints go for $1USD 🙂

Phnom Penh Marijuana brands: 4 Months and I never saw a different strain. When buying off the street dealers your probably getting ‘Thai’ but I’m not sure the name of the stain. I can tell you it gives a good head high and if you smoke enough will keep you from walking. It looks worse than it is.

More information: Weed Is very easy to get in Cambodia so if you’re scared of a deal just pull out its fine there are plenty of other dealers in the city who will give you the same stuff for the same price. It’s safest to buy at night because it’s in the open and there will be other tourists walking around you, but during the day they will most likely take you down some back alleys, which scared me shitless lol!

You can buy your rolling papers all over the lakeside but only cig’s are available there for tobacco. If you want rolling tobacco or a pipe you have to go to one of the markets (russian markets your best bet) and find the stall that sells shit loads of different cigarettes’ and they will have rolling tobacco and pipes you can buy.

If you do decide to go to the lakeside dont take any of the moto drivers/ tuk-tuk drivers that are there waiting for tourists. If they deal they will almost definitely try to rip you off. But worse is most of the drivers there are high on Ketamine or what they call ‘Yama-yama’. So dont get a ride till your out of the lakeside area (it will be clear where it ends when you get there) and get ready for an extremely wild motorbike ride back to where your staying. Always check to see if your driver is high haha 🙂