Perth, Australia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: From 22 March 2004, changes to the law in WA mean that police can now issue an infringement notice to people over 18 found with less than 30 grams of cannabis or smoking equipment. While cannabis use remains illegal, police now have an alternative to laying criminal charges in defined circumstances. An infringement notice can result in a fine or attending an education session with a drug counsellor.

its illegal to grow and to smoke but you can probably get off with a couple of small plants in your backyard.

Law enforcement: Don’t smoke in front of cops.

They aren’t too fussed if you behave.

Big busts for hydroponic growers.

and a recent update: “Since November 2007, Police in WA have a new weapon to combat the increasing number of stoners who drive. They have a DRUG BUS! yes, this bus will be at random locations near the city looking for party goers or those who even look like a toker to stop the vehicle and have them take a mouth/saliva swab on the side of the road. If you smoked within 4 hrs of driving, you are screwed! There is no tolerance for marajuana, ecstasy/mda or speed/ice. This swab test is designed to catch people under the influence of several of the major drugs.

In addition to this, Police in Perth and outer suburbs have come down very harshly and have managed to take down and dismantle a large number of the major ‘indoor’ growing operations and suppliers, leaving a gaping hole in the marijuana market thoughout most of Western Australia.

You won’t get busted for smoking a joint in a park, just don’t parade the stuff in public (if you’re lucky enough to score or have a contact) and of course, don’t drive after you have had even a small toke!!”

Where to buy marijuana in Perth: Cannington, Wembley, Floreat but generally its hard to find even if you go to these areas

Marijuana prices: $25 for a stick

$50 for a baggie

$250-500 for ouncies

doesnt go much bigger then that due to how DRY perth is

Brands: Mainly Bud but theyre is Hydro and bush

More information: Great climate for growing. Can be hard to get good seeds, though.