Pembroke, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

Law enforcement: Depends on cop/amount of weed. Most are pricks, some are cool.

Where to buy marijuana: There are many drug trades that go on at the marina. You won’t know unless you’re part of them though.

Marijuana prices: Generally around 10 dollars a gram for smaller amounts. 55 dollars for 7 grams(1/4 ounce)

Depends entirely on dealer.

Marijuana brands: It’s not easy to get a specific strain, theres 100’s that have gone through town.

There’s usually a lot of good hydro, and theres always plenty of outdoor shit to go around.