Peachtree City, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: The legal penalties are the same as Atlanta for first time offenses. Check the Atlanta article for the exact details. Judges in Peachtree City will always give you the maximum though.

Law enforcement: The cops in this town are Nazi storm troopers. DO NOT GET CAUGHT. Seriously, if you smoke in Peachtree City be smart. Do it indoors or with someone who knows the area well. The cops have seriously cracked down due to a rise in crime in the area. It’s a bad idea to smoke on the cart paths these days. Cops randomly patrol ALL of the paths. It’s hard not to run into a cop in this town. If the police catch you you’re screwed. They will not let you off with a warning. You will go to jail for any amount. The cops will search you without cause here. They won’t think twice about violating rights. If an encounter with a cop is unavoidable, be safe and eat your dope. They will bust you for anything, even shake or seeds.

Where to buy marijuana: The Avenue shopping center is a good place to start. Just look for teenagers and ask. Most employees at local restraurants will hook you up with a dealer. Just ask a waitress and many wil be happy to help.

Marijuana prices: Honestly, nothing set in stone. Your average price for a gram of mids is about ten dollars to fifteen dollars.

Marijuana brands: Mostly just mids. You might be able to get a hook up with some dro every now and then, but if your an outsider without any connections then your gonna; have to be happy with that.

More information: Many of the kids in PTC smoke herb. It really isn’t hard to find weed, but it hard to find anything better than good ol’ droskie if you don’t know anyone. Just be on your toes. The adults in this town will go out of their way to get you in trouble. THEY WILL CALL THE COPS IF THEY SEE YOU SMOKING. The cops in this town are real assholes as well. You may meet a cool cop every now and then, but don’t count on it. PTC isn’t Atlanta. If you must smoke outdoors, there are many wooded areas that are perfect for smoking as long as you walk deep enough into the woods. Just be smart and you’ll be ok.