Park Ridge, IL, Illinois

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Illinois, and so is any activity related to marijuana (possession, cultivation, and of course dealing).

Park Ridge is an upper class suburb of Chicago. Marijuana in Park Ridge is considered by many people living there to be as bad as most hard drugs. Taking a five minute drive or 15 minute walk to Des Plaines (a neighboring town) could save you over $1,000 in bond..

Law Enforcement: Park Ridge police ARE NOT friendly, meaning smoking in public while your in Park Ridge is not a good idea. Pipes with cannabis resin will get you busted. One gram of cannabis will get you a night in Park Ridge’s City Hall, or a $1,000 bail. While driving, make sure your cannabis is out of sight! Other people driving next to you would love to call the police with your license plate number so they can see a bust and “help” Park Ridge.

another reporter added: “They will try much to bust anyone possible. Mainly younger but they will go at anyone. They will shat on your constitutional rights. Don’t smoke anywhere public, don’t buy in any area near a school zone. Try and buy your bud somewhere out of town”

Where to buy marijuana in Park Ridge:

Again, not a good idea. Uptown Park Ridge is small, but on weekends full of people and of course a few cops. If you see a teenager or early 20 year old standing idle Uptown, asking them will not hurt you. Although BE CAREFUL! The town of Park Ridge likes to work as a community, meaning that while your asking for your weed, if someone was to overhear you, busted.

another reporter added: “out of town. There are no street dealers that I know of, contacts are your best bet.”

Marijuana Prices:

20 USD for a Gram of dank

50,55.60 for an eight of dank

100-110 for a quad*

150-165 for a half

300-330 for an ounce

More Information: Remember, Park Ridge is a very high class town. Dealers there are quite wealthy and or spoiled, be careful not to get ripped off.

some shaddy dealers weight wise, quilty usally good, never smoke in your car in the town. If you are arrested you will spend a night in lock-up. Don’t ask around for weed find it through people you know. Don’t smoke in public view. The forested areas should be good as long as you have a reason for being there (walking dog)