Panama City, Panama

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Its illegal, but small quantities will not land you in jail

Law enforcement: If caught with a small personal amount, you can brive the cop, or you can talk your way out of it, 5-10USD will do the trick.

“most units are K-9”: ask a Panamanian what is a K9. hah. Iv’e never seen a dog with police, but there probably are some. However, anti-drug is big time in Panama. Cops search with a religious fanaticism, including undercover.

Buyer beware.

Where to buy marijuana: our most recent report is: “I hopped in a taxi on via Venetto a couple of weeks ago and asked the cabbie where I could get some smoke. He dropped me off at my temporary destination for an hour and when he returned he had what I was looking for. It was ok not serious quality – needed to smoke entire joint to get a good stone. Be discreet about where you smoke.”

another reporter added: “Do not deal with people that look like thugs, or people that approach you trying to sell you something, most likely they are looking to get into your pockets.

There are a few head shops, you will most likely find people that smoke around there, or just look at the people, it is very easy to spot a smoker in panama,they will stand out from the regular population, look at their clothes, very similar to the US pot heads and if you are a tourist they will help you out.

All you need is a phone number and it will be delivered to you.

Marijuana prices: brick weed: $25 x 2OZ

Its brown, full of seeds, bad taste bad smell.

Mid grades: about $10 per G, or less.

Green, sinsemilla, pressed, good smell, decent taste and high.

High grade: $60 X 3.5G

Nice homegrown buds, lots of crystals.

Marijuana brands: You will find different strains of good home grown herb

Green brick weed

Dark brick weed, refered to as pegon

More information: Do not give money up front

Do not go into the ghetto for any reason