Paisley, Scotland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: drug use is not an offence in the United Kingdom, but possession and purchasing are illegal.

Cannabis reclassification

In January 2004 Cannabis was reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug. It is still illegal.

Cannabis is a controlled drug and possession, production and supply is illegal, only the penalties changed in 2004.

Changes to the law

For supply, dealing, production (including cultivation) and trafficking The maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment. This has increased from 5 years for all class C substances including GHB and Valium.

For possession

The maximum penalty has been reduced from five years to two years imprisonment.

Possession – the law for adults

Most offences of cannabis possession would result in a warning and confiscation of the drug. However if there are aggravating factors, such as smoking in a public place or repeat offending, they may be cause for arrest and prosecution.

Possession – the law for young people under 18 For a first offence of cannabis possession, young people under 18 will be arrested, taken to a police station and given a formal warning or reprimand. Further offences will lead to a final warning or charge.

law enforcement: In practice, the courts usually impose a fine in cases involving cannabis products.

Where to buy marijuana: You may ask around at of the nightclubs and on the street ask most people and they will sort you out or know some one who can.

Paisley Marijuana prices: hash(soap): £5 1/8 oz.:::£10 1/4 oz.:::,£20 1/2 oz.::: £40 1 ounce.

Bud: £20 1/8 oz.::: £30-40 1/4 oz.::: £70-80 1/2 oz.::: £120 1 ounce.

Polm: £20 1/8 oz.:::£40 1/4 oz.::: £80 1/2 oz.::: £130 1 ounce.

Hash: £40 1/8 oz.::: £80 1/4 oz.::: £150 1/2 oz.::: £260 1 ounce.

Brands: Soap Bar, Bud, Weed, Hash.

Hash is much more common than grass, and usually has better quality. If you’re a grass fan, you will be able to find some White Widow ,Purple Haze,Buble gum, Mango if its growing its their, Glasgow has a variety of grasses ranging from pretty bad to amazing.

Hash is more hard to come by but when you find the person with it they always have it, its dear but worth it. its mostly Indian hash.

polm over hear is good its almost as well spread as soap bar.