Padova, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: There’s no difference between hard and soft drugs in Italy, but a new law is now being discussed in the parliament, so 5 grams should now be considered as personal use

Law enforcement: Police usually have better things to do than look for stoners, but if you get caught in the act of selling or you have big quantities on you then you’re in trouble.

Where to buy marijuana: If you have no hook ups then hit Piazza delle Erbe (The square of the herbs… ironic) and make eye contact with one of the many moroccan guys standing by the fountain or under the porches that surround the square. Padova is a university city, ask people that look like they smoke and quite likely they’ll sort you out even themselves or by pointing you to the right guy.

Marijuana prices: Hash, from morocco mainly, is about 6-8 euro a gram, weed is 10-12 euro a gram but the possibilities of finding weed without knowing someone are low. If buying from the moroccan guys in the piazza: get the hash he gives you for what you’re paying him (20 euro is usual) , smell it (as you do) and ask him for a bit more, THEN hand him the money and off you go, ready for a quiet smoke in a lovely city

Marijuana brands:

More information: As far as smoking in public is concerned just don’t make it too obvious and you’ll be fine, and if you’re a tourist even better, police won’t be able to spaek to you and they’ll just ignore you if you’re not causing troble like. I strongly recommend people to go to Prato della Valle (biggest square in europe) for smoking, lay on the meadows blaze up there, puff puff and then chill.

Hope this info was useful, stay high stay free.