Ottawa, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Marijuana is legal only for medical use in Montreal, with a doctor’s permit. In January 2003, a lower Ontario court ruled simple possession laws banning cannabis unconstitutional.

Weed is illegal, besides those who have medical reasons. However, the cops are lenient and almost everyone smokes pot anyways!

Law Enforcement: Usually pretty lenient towards just pot, be nice and respectful, usually just make you dump it or throw it away.

Ottawa Police make little enforcement efforts, if any.

If a cop sees you, they will either do nothing or toss your bag depending on the cop. Some cops can be harsh, but it all depends on who you encounter. Don’t blow smoke in their face and you’ll be fine.

Smoking weed is pretty much legal here but it depends on where you go. There are a lot of places to smoke at Rideau (downtown) and at all the beaches/shorelines. basically if theres not too many people around you can light up.

Where to buy Marijuana in Ottawa: The west end is always a good bet for the best weed and least sketchy dealers. Many can be found in the suburbs at parks.

Out of towner’s – head to all the bus stops downtown that are right in front of the Rideau mall. just hang around for a bit and see who doesn’t get on a bus. Go and subtlety ask. Pot is the hardest to find (quite common now a days) and be careful not to get ripped off. Out of about 20 purchases, have been ripped off 3 times. And never give your $ first.

A local reporter added: “Carleton University – ask around the residences for herb. you’ll either meet a dealer or a stoner who can help you find what your looking for. Go the canal area at Carleton university in the middle of the afternoon, there is almost always people smoking weed there.

Go to Craig Henry park at night or evening and there will be stoners and dealers.

Don’t buy on Rideau street because the counts are shitty, the weed is crap and there are cops everywhere”

and another reporter added:”You can buy weed at Rideau under the bridges near the Rideau Shopping Center but you’ll get decent bud at best and p7 grams. You can get some pretty good weed at Legacy Skatepark (take the bus to Baseline Station) if you talk to the right pople. If you can’t find weed anywhere you could try going to a high school and just ask around but DO NOT buy off gangsters most of them are thieves around here. Also Carleton University and Algonquin College which is right by Legacy Skatepark is a good place to find weed when there are people outside.”

and also :”Just wanted to add a good place for summer visitors to Ottawa.

“Major’s Hill Park” is a good place to find sellers, you can see large circles of people sitting in the grass under trees in the park, just go up and ask who’s selling, generally guaranteed there will be someone there to tell you. (Day or night)”

Ottawa Marijuana Prices:

10 dollars a gram 50 a quarter 90 a half 170 oz 600ish qp12 hundred ish hp around 22-24 hundred for a p

$10 a gram everywhere $30 for 3.5 $40 for a Q (7g) of outdoor bud $50 for a Q (7g) of indoor/boom weed $80 for a HO (14g) of outdoor $90 for a HO (14g) of indoor/boom $150 for an OZ (28g) of outdoor $170 for an OZ (28g) of indoor/boom $550 for a QP (4OZ) of outdoor $600 for a QP (4OZ) of indoor/boom $1000 for a HP (8OZ) of outdoor $1100 for a HP (8OZ) of indoor/boom $1800 for a LB (16OZ) of outdoor $2000 for a LB (16OZ) of indoor/boom

I’m not certain on prices higher then that but the prices when you double them (like 1p to 2p indoor is $4000-$400 and then for 2p and 2p for 4p would be minus $800 and so on… )(1p and 1p to 2p outdoor would be $3600-200 and for 2p and 2p to 4p would be -$400 and so on…)

Brands: Lots of AK-47

Skunk 1 and lots of other skunk

Mighty Mite

BC God

BC sweetooth

BC Hydro

BC Grape/Bubblegum


Purple Haze

purple indica

White Widow

Pure Indica

Montreal Boom

Blueberry Skunk

Yellow Mammoth

Northern Lights

Manitoba Hash Plant


Cocaine Bud

More information: If you won’t settle for decent bud and want to get some boom shit your best bet would be to find a Skatepark and ask some skateboarders that aren’t heatbag where you can find some good bud.