Orangeburg, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Possession of one ounce or less is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $100 – $200 for a first offense. For subsequent offenses the penalties increase to up to a year in jail and a fine of $200 – $1,000. Convictions for a first offense are eligible for conditional discharges. Possession of greater than one ounce is considered evidence of intent to sell and is punished as such.

Law enforcement: The laws against marijuana pretty much suck in SC, but it really depends on the cop. Some have a hard-on for it, some don’t. I was caught with about a gram when I was 17. Spent the night in jail and by the time it was all said and done I had gone through a PTI program plus ended up paying about $600 in fines and court costs. Be careful here, cops are everywhere and alot of them don’t have anything better to do.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s very easy to get ripped off here, especially with someone that’s from out of town. Blacks are often very reluctant to sell to whites unless you get to know them. When you do get to know someone, it is everywhere and easy to obtain. A large percentage of locals hustle on the side and are often more than happy to provide you with herb or get someone else to help you once you’ve proven you’re cool. However, ALWAYS inspect the product before buying because hustlers are looking to rip anyone off if they can, especially if you’re white.

Marijuana prices: The most commonly available is ‘reggie’ or regular weed. This most often is Mexican brick (SOMETIMES budded) and ranges in quality from piss poor to fantastic. Prices for reggie are generally: 1-1.5g for $5, 2-3.5g for $10, half for $25-30 and a whole for $50-70.

Next up is middle-grade which for me has never been a disappointment. Most often budded, good quality stuff that is often homegrown. This stuff is always a good buy. Prices are about $30-40 a quarter, $40-70 for a half and $80-140 for a whole.

KB comes around sometimes. Usually isn’t worth the price. Opt for the mid. $150+ an ounce for KB, and is usually only mediocre.

“Exotic” stuff is sometimes available if you know someone. WARNING: alot of this stuff is not official. Buyer beware. Same thing goes for anybody trying to sell you purple, kush, dro, haze etc. If you’re lucky you can get good headies for $10-15 a gram and about $200 an ounce. However, most are 20-30 a gram. Due to the smal quantity and high demand though I’ve been offered headies for as much as $40-50 a gram. Oftentimes not a whole gram.

Marijuana brands: You must be careful about what you’re buying, but you can still get the real deal. Apple Jack, some Hazes, some Kushes (I think these are mostly just Afghani and Master), Diesels every now and again, and some other strains.

More information: There are LOTS AND LOTS of smokers in this part of SC, the only thing is they are mostly private (needfully so), and are not open until you get to know them. I’d say that well over half of the people that I know under age 30 smoke weed, and most of the rest are accepting of it. You can get great stuff for a great price if you know the right connection.