Omaha, NE, Nebraska

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana is an infraction, and the offender receives a citation and is subject to a $100 fine and possible referral to a drug education course for the first offense. For a second offense, the penalty increases to a possible 5 days in jail and a fine of $200. For subsequent offenses, the fine increases to $300 and a possible 7 days jail time. For possession of greater than one ounce, the penalty is up to 7 days in jail and a fine up to $500. Possession of greater than one pound is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

This unknown city in the heart of the USA is actually a smokers paradise! Nebraska is home to one of the top three most liberal marijuana laws in the country; up to an ounce of green is just a $100 CIVIL CITATION (read: not even a misdemeanor). For a first offense you need not even show up for court, just mail in your ticket. Having a pound in your possession is a misdemeanor worthy of a $500 dollar fine with a maximum imprisonment of 7 days.

Law Enforcement: Police are typically not looking for marijuana smokers – sadly, like much of the Midwest, methamphetamine use is their biggest concern.

first time and only time i was picked up i got a hundred dollar fine, settled out of court, but had to go to diversion (which cost $250) for 3 months to take drug tests. 24 hours of community service at the downtown ymca where i met a bunch of crack dealers on probation.

If you happen to get caught make sure to tell the officer that what you have is less than an ounce, because they usually just “eye” it. Also expect to get diversion class a majority of the time which costs around $250 and takes a couple of months, besides that and community service there is no real hassle.

Be polite and most cops realize marijuana is not a big deal, be sure to disclose that you are just a “stoner” and don’t have any harder drugs.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Omaha: Memorial Park (midtown across from Univ. Neb. at Omaha) is a good place to just hang around and see what you can find. The Old Market is very chill and anywhere you can hear live “corner” music being played chances are you can find a smoker.

In the quaint cobblestone downtown section known as the ‘Old Market’ finding some smoke shouldn’t be a challenge. Especially in the summertime, it is a place where many enjoy a lazy day smoking, shopping, and people watching. This area has banned all corporate chains so it is also a great place to find interesting stores. The nearby Gene Lehey Mall (an outdoor river walk and park) is a great spot to find some outdoor privacy. The Cactus Cafe in Old Market is also a good place to find mm.

A likely spot to find some good ‘information’ in midtown is a place known as the Dundee district, similar advice can be found at any of the friendly bars, coffee shops and music venues. Try ‘The Dundee Dell,’ ‘The 49er,’ or ‘Travatos’ for starters.

Also in the Dundee are, there is a park called Memorial Park which is a great place to chill, smoke, and sometimes buy. During the summer, many kids go up there, to get high and just hang out.

another reporter added: “downtown is nice, gene leahy mall is a little sketchy, but you’ll find homeless people smoking around there. also in the old market go to retro. or try the many head shops; weird wild stuff on 44th and leavenworth, cool stuff on 35 and jackson. if you’re in high school go to memorial park — especially in the summer or at night or on the weekends. i used to get smoked out all the time there, even by the ice cream man in his van. i live in dundee right now, and although it is a fun place to live, i would not recommend looking for pot there. its harder and harder to find as i get older here.”

Omaha Marijuana Prices:

Schwag or Regulars runs $20 an 1/8th

Mid-Grades runs $25-$35 an 1/8th

Kind Buds (highly recommended, Omaha gets a pretty nice selection) runs $50-$60 an 1/8th

reggie goes as follows here;

1lb = $1000 – $1200

1oz = $100 – $120

half oz. = $50 – $60

most kinds go for approx. $50 per eighth oz.

another reporter added: “shwag and regs are $20-30 per 1/8th, or 75-140 an oz. you’ll pay a ton more for weed thats not that much better…like $50 to $75 an 1/8th or $300 an oz. of what people will say is KB”

Brands: The recent trend in naming marijuana strains has made it harder to know exactly which kind bud strain you’re smoking. But if you find a seller who seems to be down-to-earth, you can expect to find true jack herrer, kushman’s kush, blue berries, ak-48, diesel, and possibly some grapefruit or bubblegum…it really depends on who you talk to and which part of town you’re in.

Indoor hydroponics of good quality are plentiful, hash is rare. Additionally, given the liberal laws and vast amounts of farmland near the city, mid-grade can be purchased in large quantities quite cheaply during the outdoor growing season.

More information: Just look for the typical “long haired hippie” guy and you wont go wrong, if they look like they smoke, they smoke…and if they don’t they know someone who does. Happy Trails.

State: Nebraska

Country: United States

Dialing codes: + 1 (USA) Area code 402