Oakville, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal to posses, sell, distribute even for non numeration.

Law enforcement: Depends on the cop and situation. Youths generally get away with a warning or beer fine during bush parties. Adults are generally left alone if there not up to any shit. If you are caught be respectful don’t consent to a search. Parks are a Oakville stoner’s friends. plentiful and beautiful. Cops generally don’t patrol. You can get away with smoking a joint down a main street. No pipes or bongs.

Zero tollerence in or near schools. General rules for not catching a charge. Be respectful, be polite, be quiet, keep stash on you to personal ammounts (generally nothing larger than 3.5grams).

Where to buy marijuana: Most dealing is done a client basis. If you are a youth there are skaters that sell near the public library in the downtown be aware as the weed isnt that good. Good places to make friends Kerr Street bar’s, resturants, (don not ask themptations they will throw you out immediatly). downtown sports bars.

Marijuana prices: depends on who you know.

10$ per gram (this can go as low as 6$f or mids)

30$ 3.5g

60$ 7g

100-120$ half oz

200-240 oz

Marijuana brands: Eastside Hydro, Chate (bad weed), Watertable.

More information: Avoid, young children/families, old people.