Norrkoping, Sweden

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possesion and use of cannabis is illegal in sweden. Minor cannabis offences are punishable up to 6 months in prison. In pracice however, possesion of cannabis for personal use is punished only by a fine in the majoriy of cases.

Law enforcement: Swedish police will almost never perform car searches, or personal searches. Usually small-time users are ignored, as long as long as they do not commit any other offences. However before smoking cannabis, make sure you have enough privacy. Swedes will usually mind their own busineses, so as long as you smoke in private, your neightbours will not mind the weird smell, and will not be judgemental if they see you on the street with re eyes. However smoking a joint in a place where i.e. a kid could see you would offend most swedes and in such a case you can be certain that police will be notified one way or another. If police arrest you for possesion, you will be imprisoned for 1-3 days, before apearing in court, where the judge will give you a fine according to your income. Police has also the right to conduct drug tests. In such a case, you should claim that you have used the drug outside of sweden, and show your travel ticket to back up your claim. If you h ave lost or forgotten your ticket, always point out to the police that you are a tourist and you are not addicted to any substance (including alcohol), in such a case there is a chance that you will be spared the drug test.

Where to buy marijuana in Norrkoping Sweden: Bying cannabis in mid-week if you do not have contacts is out of the question. The easiest way, is to take a walk in the town centre on a friday or saturday evening, there you can ask some young drunk people in a rock club or even on the street to help you.

Norrkoping Marijuana prices: 5 grams of marrocan hashish will cost anywhere between 300-400 SEK (around 33-45 euros), however if the seller doesn’t know you, he may possibly charge as much as 500 SEK.

Brands: Moroccan hash is what you will most likely find. The quallity most of the time isn’t bad, but not exceptional either.

More information: Keep in mind that Police concentrates on cars, and even if you they check a train, they need a good cause to conduct a body search. Do not try to sneak anything in your luggage though, the police is allowed to inspect luggages with sniffer dogs.