Newport News, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2


Law enforcement:

Where to buy marijuana: You can either get some of the nasty ass

shwag from some of the ghetto neighborhoods, probably from some random dude chillin outside, or you can go to the college campus in town and probably find some hippie lookin white kid that will have crazy good heads.

Marijuana prices: mid like 5-10 g 20-25 8th 60-70 1/2 bout 90-140 oz

depending on quality

good heads like 20-25g 50-60 8th 150-200 1/2 and if you are lucky 350 or

less oz, sometimes up in the 400 range for some really good.

Marijuana brands: mostly good stuff. some nasty stuff floatin around

the neighborhoods and city.

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