Newnan, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: If you get caught with anything, seed, stem, etc. The police will not hesistate to take you to jail and charge you for possession of marijuana. Possession of less than an ounce is considered a Misdemeanor. Usually you will get your license revoked for a year, up to a $1000 fine, and a nice night in jail. Possession of more than an ounce is a Felony.

Law enforcement: Police don’t need probable cause to search your property. They will do whatever they want, and they’ll be assholes about it. If you see a cop either try to ditch your stash as fast as you can, or just give it to the police, and hope for a break.

Where to buy marijuana in Newnan: The best place to buy weed is at a trap house. MLK dr. in the downtown area is a good place to find weed. Look for the gas station RUSH infornt of the Central Education Center. Ask an african american in this area where to get the chronic, if they dont ask you first. Crack heads will rip you off.

Newnan marijuana prices: for middies

$10 for a blunt (1.5 grams)

$35 for a Quarter OZ

$60-70 for a half OZ (depends on the dealer)

$100-125 for an OZ

if your a regular customer the drug dealers will hook you up


$20-25 a gram

$90 for an 1/8th

purple haze (Taste like Fruity Loops)

$35 a gram

$100 for 4 grams (If you’re lucky)

Brands: Mids, Purple Haze (PURP), Headies, dank, kush, or dro.

you can find these with the local stoner groups

More information: Don’t get caught