Newberry, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: If caught with 2 oz or more you are charged with dealing and face a fine and however many days in jail. An additional fine is also added if you are caught with 2 oz or more within 300 ft. onf a school. Anything less and you’re just charged with simple possesion and have your licence suspended if caught while driving.

Law enforcement: The Cops can be lenient AFTER they pull you over, but it doesn’t take much to draw attention. They give speeding tickets for about 2 mph over the speed limit.

Where to buy marijuana: Go to the college, but don’t blink, cause you’ll miss it. It’s a small school with a bad drug habit. So you’re in luck if school’s in.

Marijuana prices: This definitely depends on who your dealer is. Be suspicious of a rip off. You should generally get about 30 grams of great dro for about $10.

Marijuana brands: dro, crypt, swag, dro, and mids… but mostly dro…

More information: Not much else to do around here other than buy sell and smoke, so enjoy.