New Delhi, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is not legal in India, however, it has come out of the closet – it is now openly sold from houses too. The reason is they have the tacit approval of the local cops and even some politicians.

The law says it’s Illegal, but that is proabably due to their association with the United Nations, which at the insistence of a certain Mr Anslinger, signed a comprhensive drug law. Traditionally India is very open to hash. Regardless its Illegal.

Personal use (in public places), would at the most result in a chalaan (bribe :-)), or some money to buy the cop some juice.

You’d have to be really not caring, like sitting in front of a movie theater and rolling a joint, while people are walking by.

Law Enforcement: The police have very low interest in Marijuana issues – they make no effort to stop cannabis related offences.

Where to buy marijuana in New Delhi: Due to cannabis’ legal status in Delhi, it is very easy to obtain Marijuana in Delhi – simply go to any “bhang shop”, or, as one of our reporters said: ” Go to the big Circle, Take a Motorcycle with two seater, Ask the driver to get some… then he will go somewhere leaving you in the motorcycle. Pay the guy… give him 1/2 whatever he claims. Enjoy!!.

another report : “You don;t smoke marijuana in India, unless it comes from the South. The hash that comes into Delhi from the hills is amongst the best in the world.

weed is commonly available in any of the many slums in delhi, and generally is not worth the effort.

Without fail the first place to go looking for something to smoke has to be PaharGanj, opposite the N Delhi Railway Station outside Connaught Place.

The best way to go about it would be to walk a while, till you start seeing some bong shops. you sure to get atleast a 2-3 ppl come asking you if you want some, but more time outta naught, that’ll be some sirty shoe-polish mixture. just go to one of hippie cafes around and ask some the waiter or one of the hippie tourists u see walking around. ”

New Delhi Marijuana Prices: Marijuana and Hashish are extremely cheap for western tourists in India. The prices vary significantly, but stay low in costs.

The going rate is around 50 to 100 rupees (1$ – 2$) a tola (10gms) for weed in New Delhi. Hash ranges from 300 ($6) to 700 ($14) a tola (10gms).

and also: “If you do manage to get some cream (the best), get ready to spend atleast Rs1300, about $40 for a tola (10 grams).

Others would start at Rs 200”

Brands: Marijuana sold in New Delhi is usually outdoor grown, with potency that will seem a bit weak for American tourists. However, the taste is great! Hashish in India is of higher quality and potency.

and also: “Cream, or Junglee(wild)”

More Information: Every thing from bongs, rizlaz, chillums, crushers n of course good quality weed n hash if youre a foreign tourist the easiest n safest way to get anything you desire is to get to this place called “pahar ganj” or “pahad ganj” it is like this whole settlement and all the hotels in that area of new delhi are filled with foreign tourists fo all the known reasons so if you wanna trip in this city trust me it’ll be one of your best trips ever

Get a chance, go to the hills, in himachal. Parvati valley, manali. thats where the hash is grown.