Netanya, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.3

Legislation: It is illegal to sell, buy, grow etc. in Netanya. though people don’t really care.

Law enforcement: If you are caught the police will most likely put you under house arrest. if you have a little hash if you have a lot then run bi*** run. There are also under cover cops but you can tell if its a police car if the plate is red or the # ends with 00

Where to buy marijuana in Netanya: The best way to get weed in Netanya is to walk up to some Eastern wuropean looking young people – they will get you a good hook up. Ask “yesh grass” which means – do you have some weed in Hebrew. Ihe main area to get it in netanya is the central square and around that area.

Netanya marijuana prices: a finger of hash will most likely be about 100 NIS or about 20 USD. (either Afganic or Jaras) if you are lucky you will find some bud.

Brands: the main brands are Afganic hash and Jaras hash. you might be able to get some white widow bud.

More information: people in Israel in general like to smoke out of a bong you can get one at a kiosk. You can also get some blunt paper and some joint paper at a kiosk.

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