Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in the Bahamas, and so is any related action.

Law enforcement: Watch out for the cops. Better to avoid them if possible, you never know what they gonna do.

There are undercover cops that sometimes try to sell pot to tourists. If this happens, you can probably bribe the officer.

Law enforcement is abundant in all areas besides across the bridge where the Atlantis is located and at the Straw market

Where to buy marijuana: almost everywhere, with a focus on taxi

drivers. i even had people drive by and offer free samples.

Cab Drivers for sure. Just get into a cab and tell the driver you are looking for GANJA. He’ll probably take you to pick some up. It might cost a little more for the ride, but it’s the only way really. He will probably take you to ghetto nassau, but just stay chillin and you’ll be straight.

Word of warning, take extreme caution buying bud from people who solicit you. The cops are known to do this and you will probably go to jail.

Also Try the Straw Market.

another reporter added: “Everywhere. Upon arrival at my resort I was approached by the bellboy. Then, while walking down the street to the store. Then by the guy who hands out towels. You should have no problem getting weed.”

and also: “Try walking along the port near the straw market at night, there are probably dealers hanging out near senor frogs bar. Luckily late night straw market vendors across from the dealers will happily sell you a pipe ”

and: “EVERY black man that is working in the Straw market will say do you want cigars. This is a cue. Some of the older gentlemen will straight ask you if you want to “party”. These guys are easy going you can have some fun with them.”

Marijuana prices: $20 for a handfull

They are asking $50 for a 1/4oz, but $20 for a 1/4oz seems to be about the rate. You can bargain the price down.

also: “$35 = 1/8th”

and: “Ridiculous tourist prices probably $50 for an 1/8th of seedy schwag ( especially if you look like a chump). Some guys will ask for a $20 bribe to point you towards the dealer (who may be sitting not 5ft away)”

and: “20$ a gram bag”

Brands: seedy dirt weed, but does the job

It may not look like the shit, but it gets the job done. Just make sure your shit aint laced.

schwag full of seeds packaged into dime bags with various logos stamped on them

More information: Smoke the driver down if he takes you to get the herb. Some the rest in your hotel room or the beach (owee)

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  1. NXS

    Getting weed in Nassau is really easy! Here are two locations you can get smoke from with absolute ease!

    1. As soon as you exit ‘Festival Place’ look to your immediate right for a scooter rental service. Talk to any of the guys working there (Black guys) (wear something that identifies you as a smoker) and they will hook you up with smoke and other goodies (if you’re looking). These guys run a legit scooter rental place so they are straight up, dealing with eights, quarters, etc. They will pretend to get your information for a supposed scooter rental while the transaction goes down so just play along and keep your cool.

    2. Head to Straw Market and look for anyone (again, usually black)sitting on the stairs to the front entrance of the market. I simply walked up the steps, stopped for a second and did a quick look around and the guy right below me whispered ‘aye yo, you want that ‘green’?’… I hadn’t been there 10 seconds before being approached so it’s REALLY easy to get here too…

    Quality and Pricing Information

    As noted by other contributors, the weed is your typical brownish-green brick weed that comes standard with seeds and sticks, but it is Bahamian and will definitely suffice until you are back to your native locale..

    The prices vary, for an 8th they will ask you 40, but this is too high for the quality of bud, so talk them down as low as you can, typically this can be anywhere between 25-30 bucks for an eighth (every penny counts). If you feel like you are being price-gouged, simply say ‘nah, no thanks’ and keep it moving until you come across someone else (if all else fails you can hit the other guy back up again, should you not be able to score a better deal).

    Hope this helps. Nassau is a beautiful place, but beware of the vendors of the Straw Market, who will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy something from them and they are borderline HARASSING… so don’t get sucked in with their ‘deals’, but also don’t be afraid to haggle with them either, should something catch your eye… they will take just about any reasonable offer.

    Take care and blessed baking!


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