Nairobi, Kenya

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: very illegal, fines are high, due to anti corruption laws, they will make an example

It’s technically illegal, but i smoked in broad daylight walking down the street. I personally would not suggest doing this unless you have cash, because Nairobi is very…not corrupt, but money minded, anywhere someone can make a few extra bucks, including cops, they will.

Law Enforcement: they are more concerned with arm car jackers then a bunch of pot heads, but don’t blow smoke on the cops face, bad idea

ALWAYS carry some extra cash with you for bribes. If you are caught they will mess with you for a bit, but then just pull the head man aside and “settle” this problem.

Ask the main men at Nyari police sub-station, he he…bribes are on a sliding scale, if you seem rich,(mmm…white or indian) be ready to cough it up. a friend i know has paid as little as 200ksh 4$ to 15000ksh 250$ depending on how nasty or awesome the cops are!

Where to buy marijuana in Nairobi: Anywhere in the general vicinity of a shopping complex called “the mall”. From the people selling animals to street kids. its cheap too, really really cheap.

Not all that many people sell it, but most are willing to help you find it or will go get some for you. hash is very hard to find. always tip.

Nairobi marijuana Prices: I had hook ups with people, so i could get a pound for around 400 shillings, about ten bucks.

10ksh for a joint (10c american) or you can buy stones for 500ksh(8$) the joints have seeds and stems left in them, the stones are a best bet.

Nairobi marijuana Brands: ask for stuff from Kilimanjaro or Uganda, tends to be better. Dont ask for a ‘special’ they dip them in petrol.

More information: It’s not like a deal in the USA, be cool about it, friendly and tip the guy a little extra for the effort, that way you see him next time and you will probably get better bud. Don’t go anywhere with the guy, and don’t give him your cash, half for going, half when he gets back. and enjoy Nairobi, its a kickass place.

1/2 the people seem to think its worse then crack cocain and will sic the cops on you, 1/2 the people smoke the shit or will help you find some.