Mumbai/Bombay, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal, and you can face 6months to 2years in prison… but It’s rarely if ever heard of conviction.

Law Enforcement: Marijuana isn’t a concern of the police. Dealers will openly deal on the street knowing neither cops or passers by. In Colaba, you’ll often smell hash being smoked on the street, sometimes even by taxi drivers(!) If your open to anything, you might get invited to smoke a chillum down a side street by locals, even if its close to a cop station, no one cares. If anything, your more likely to have a few dirty looks off locals.

Where to buy marijuana in Mumbay : Colaba – Is the main tourist area, so prices are higher, but so is availability. Everyone will speak english, and if you take a walk around from Gate way of India along the seafront then walk towards Colaba Causeway and continue up towards Regal cinema, at least 4 or 5 people will stop you. Some dealers will invite you to take a taxi with them to a dealer living close by (near the docks normally) It’s up to you if u think its safe, but Ive done it a few times and usually ended up with a better deal. If you don’t want to, just arrange a time and place to meet and they’ll bring it to you.

our most recebt report is: “Bandra, Andheri, Juhu. (Bandra & Andheri are devided into east and west. I have only ever bought in the west, though I imagine it is quite avaliable in the East as well)”

Mumbay marijuana prices: More expensive than Delhi, especially in Colaba (tourists) but still a good deal.

Weed from 100INR a gram to about 700INR for 10g Hash depends on quality and who you buy it off. From 500INR ($10) for 5g to 1500INR($30) for 12g (one tola) some dealers will give much more for what you pay, but be careful of quality, smell it well.

our most recent report is: “hash- 600rs – 1500rs ($12-34) per 10g

Weed- 20rs – 60rs (40cents to $1.50) per 1/4 oz”

Mumbay Marijuana Brands: Weed is outdoor grown and not too strong, not good for Europeans and Americans used to quality strains. Hash can be bad or awesome. Generally I found the softer hash much stronger, although you get less of it for your money, its better quality, and less goes further.

our mopst recebt report is: “Manali and Kashmiri are generally the higher-quality hashes avaliable, Manali cream is especially good. The other thing that is common is somthing called Bombay Black, which my friends and I joke is mixed with rat poison. It will usually get you damn dirty retarded stoned, so it’s not something you want to smoke all that often”

More information: Quality skins (Rizla) can be found in Colaba, but are more expensive and not always available everywhere. Bring your own.

I am from the US but lived in Mumbai India for a year, and reading your report on it kinda made me cringe. Yes, Hash is freely avaliable in Colaba, but it is horrible quality. Most of the time it smells (and smokes) like a nasty amalgam of tamarind paste and mehendi (henna), not to mention it is grossly overpriced. Hawkers there will demand upwards of 4000 rupees ($90) for a T (10g) of their stuff, whereas I was scoring high-quality (Manali and kashmiri) hash in Bandra for usually about 700 rupees ($15) per 10g. If you know where to look, you can even score weed for, get this, 20cents for a quarter oz. Now, granted, I made friends with some dealers, and so got excellent deals, but still, Colaba is highly touristy, and if you leave south Mumbai and head to the northern suburbs such as Bandra, Andheri and to some extent Juhu, you’ll find much better deals and much better stuff. Someone new to the area without connections could probably expect to pay a round 1000-1500 rupees for a T of hash and about 50-70rupees for a quarter oz weed. And Remember, always haggle with the pushers, if you’re paying more than the prices listed above, you’re being ripped off . Oh, and there is one good thing around colaba for smokers: A little off the main drag is a cheap bar called Gokul, and they are totally fine with people smoking pot inside. If you ask the shop keepers in the area they can probably tell you where exactly it is.