Mumbai – Bombai , India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal, and you can face 6months to 2years in prison… but It’s rarely if ever heard of conviction.

Law enforcement: Cops are almost everywhere, but the dealers generally pay off the cops, so theres no problem at all.

another reporter added: “There is an increased amount of cops all over the city especially in the night. Most dealers pay off the cops, although the curruption level in the city is very high and you can get away even if you are caught with drugs.”

Where to buy marijuana: You can buy quality hash in versova, on Yari road. Ask any rickshaw or taxi driver, they will tell you the exact location, or they might even take you there. Once when i had gone there to score, i saw a cop car right outside the place. A cop was scoring some hash, so its not too much of a worry.

another reoprter added: “If you are looking for some bombay black you can try YariRoad, Versova. In Colaba you can score at Ballard pier or the best place would be at Regal or in the line. Look out out negros. Most of the time people will approach you looking for customers. Dadar usually have a lot of Manali but you need the right contacts. Also in Bnadra Carter Road or Khar in the by-lanes. Finding Hash is extreamly easy around the city. I would like to give you exact locations but i think its easy enough to find. ”

Marijuana prices: 1 tola(12 grams) of Kashmiri hash will cost you about 800INR (20$)

If you are lucky, you might get Manala hash, which is smoother and better in taste, for 1500INR(about 40$) per tola(12gms) If you buy in bulk, they might even give you a free chillum.

another reporter added: “Bombay black usually costs around Rs40 to Rs60 for a tukdi [a piece, its good for 2 small joints]. Manali varies from Rs800 to Rs2000 depending on the contact you go through and the quality. If you are experienced you could find it easily. ”

Marijuana brands: Silavati, Manali, Manala, bombay black.

More information: You can smoke practically anywhere just don’t risk it in clubs as they are very very strict now. In the night try and watch out for beat marshals as they will check youngsters for sure. Dont think the cops in Bombay are fools as they know all the tricks. Do not be rude or arrogant and if you are caught with stash on you do not try and bullshit them. Try and speak in the local language [marathi or hindi] and you can get away with a bribe. they will threaten to take you to the police station but if you have the gift of the gab you will get away with it. Offer them a very low amount of money like around Rs500 and then you can work your way up. They are VERY GREEDY ! !