Mt. Pleasant, MI, Michigan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: If you get caught, you can possibly get 90 days in jail, but first time offenders get conditonal discharge, meaning probation and no jail time.

Law enforcement: You can worry about state cops, county cops, city cops, CMU campus police, and Tribal police. All are equally troublesome.

Where to buy marijuana: You have to “know” someone. This does not mean you have to have friends in town, but you need to talk to people. Try bars like O’kelly’s, The Wayside, and the Greenspot. Also, try the disc golf cours on a sunny Saturday or Sunday. If you are playing through alone, just follow your nose and be friendly.

Marijuana prices: Schwag 20 per 1/8

Mids 30 per 1/8

Budz 50 per 1/8, but worth it.

Marijuana brands: No brands, just whatever you can find.

More information: Mt. Pleasant is home to Central Michigan University, as well as one of the highest police population in the States. Cops are typically cool, but don’t drive and smoke on Mission Street. Most cops just drive around, so if you want to smoke, just walk around on campus. Do not smoke during tailgating at football games, you will be arrested.