Moscow, Russia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Cannabis is completely illegal in Russia, although it is formally not a crime (only administrative violation of the law) to have less than 6 grams with yourself. Anyway, it will cause LOTS of problems if you get caught

Marijuana is illegal in Moscow, and so is any related action (growing, purchasing, smoking etc.). Possession of any amount of drugs – even one dose – or being under the effects of an illegal drug can cost the user several years in prison.

Or as other put it: Very illegal, with the new government.

Law Enforcement: If you are caught, your only (and best) chance as a foreigner, is to immediately offer a bribe. This ought not to be a small bribe either, because you are possibly facing a couple of years in prison for possession. USD$500 would be a good starting point. The good news is, that this bribe will nearly always be accepted. However a most recent update from an intrepid Moscow report says: “Possessing weed under 6 grams is decriminalized, with low fines, up to 30 is a heavier fine (and possible community work), but still no imprisonment.” So take this for what its worth, and be safe and discreet!!

With the new government, the police are much stricter about narcotics. Now with the enforcement of cops income statements, bribe prices have sky rocketed, try 500 dollars, then just go up, more cops bigger bride, if some is Russian have them speak, and if you have broken Russian don’t bother.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Moscow: our most recent report is: ” The fact is, that Moscow (as nearly everywhere in Russia) HAS NO STREET DRUG DEALERS. That mean – don’t try to deal with anybody you don’t know at all. At markets and squares you can try to talk with some Asian/Caucasian lads, but do it while being foreigner IMHO is VERY DANGEROUS. Much more easy (and much more fun) is to deal with Russian youth in the clubs. Best choice is trance, drum’n’bass and techno events. Huge amount of Moscow clubbers speaks at least little bit of English, and huge amount smokes))))))))”

And also:

Any park (called Ploschad) in Moscow is worth checking out, and asking either younger people, or those of central asian or armenian appearance. Another possibility if around the rynoks (markets), but stay clear of train stations, and metro stations.

To ask, you should ask “vui s’nyet gdye mozhna kupit anasha” this translates roughly to” do you know where I can buy marijuana”. Anasha is the word for grass, but usually this refers to leaf, which is of an exceptionally BAD quality. Better to substitute the word “anasha” for “shishki” which means means “flowers”, of to those who know what you are after, “buds”. Hashish is probably more widely available, and this is referred to as “gashish”…just substitute a “g” for the “h” in hashish. It will be black hash, so check to make sure that you are not being sold a bit of black rubber. If you come across deaf & mute people in public places, who are well known to be involved in the street tra de for hash, get eye contact, and give them a signal. The signal that you want to buy hash/buds is to close your hand in a fist, then extend ing your thumb and little finger outwards away from each other, and touch your mouth with your thumb, this means you want smoke. This is a hand gesture understood by all nationalities in the former soviet union.

Travelling throughout Russia, provides plenty of opportunity for buying. I have bought in locations all sorts of locations from tashkent, to Yuszhno sakhalinsk….always by asking friendly locals, or in some cases, by asking the pimps who were trying to sell me prostitutes. Just be careful, and street wise…don’t go out to parks at night, etc, and always keep an eye out for the cops. never hand over money first, or show how much money you have…Most dealers will prefer to receive us dollars rather than local roubles.

Moscow Marijuana Prices: our most recent report is : “Depends on the quality, but ordinary weed (wild-grown, but still OK) is 500-600 rub. per matchbox (sometimes amount changes to less, that’s how appear the expression “greedy moscow matchbox”), that’s around 5 gramms. Same price for a gram of hash. Hydroponic weed is more expensive, up to 100$ per matchbox. ”

and also:

Generally in Moscow, prices are high (compared to the cost of living), and availability is low.

Quite expensive…Expect to pay USD100 for a 5 gram piece of hash…a little less for equivalent in buds. Unless you love grass clippings, stay away from the anasha, it’s not worth it, and will probably give you more of a headache than a buzz.

Latest reports say: 500 rubels a match box, but most likely will be little to no weed just this substitute that looks like it. Hash is pretty good anywhere from 400 to 800 rubels, but hard to find

Brands: Different, from local crappy pot till awesome hydro from Amsterdam. Hash is mostly came from Middle Asia, but also can find lebanese, Nepal etc.

All pot sold in Moscow is imported from other nearby countries. Weed quality varies between very good weed, and poor low end pot.

More information: only buy from people you know they will cut it with, bad products. Its been rumored that they add tar to the hash, so if it taste funny throw it out. Its probably easier to score green in Singapore.

Country: Russia

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +7 hours

Dialing codes: + 095

Other Information: Don’t smoke in a public places. Be careful to smoke in parks – there cops are in the habit of crop up from nowhere 🙂 When you are smoking just be careful and casual and all will be right;)

Little Russian marihuana Dictionary:

dudka, trava, chai (“tea”) – weed

gydra, gydrapon – hydroponics weed

boshki, bohi, shishki – buds

boks, korobok – unit, 2-3 gram of weed or buds gar, garik, garrison, hesh, kamen’ – hashish tverdy, tvardovski – dry hashish miagky, plastic, plastilin – soft hashish gram, kusok, kamen’ – unit, 1 gram piece of hashish (but practically 0,6-0,9 gram) mutit’ – to deal

Davai dunem/nakurimsja – let’s smoke!

Ti mogesh namutit’ mne travi/dudki/gashisha? – Can you deal weed/hash for me?

Ja hochu nakuritsa – I would like to smoke a weed.

City tale:

Buyer beware: while drugs may be plentiful in Moscow, the risks are high..People familiar with the Russian capital say that the fall of the former communist regime in 1991 brought new freedom to this sprawling city of 9 million people in the Western region of the country’s 17 million square kilometres. But some of that western-style freedom, including a thriving party scene with a large amount of recreational drugs, can be costly if not enjoyed carefully.

Mark Ames, editor of The Exile, an alternative English-language newspaper, said the area near the People’s University is a “famous” spot for buying drugs. Asked if it was dangerous, he said, “Not as dangerous as sobriety.”

But Ames warned “everything’s hugely illegal” when it comes to drug use in Moscow and that the city’s police are “extremely intolerant unless you can pay a large bribe.” Felice Wilson, a journalist who lived in Moscow for a year, agreed that the police are “very corrupt.” “So maybe a pay-off would take care of them,” she said.

Russia has had tough anti-drug laws for years. Possession or sale of Marijuana or Hash could result in a jail sentence of up to three years. In 1997, over 90 percent of people prosecuted for drug charges were users rather than dealers.

New regulations established in April 1998 go much further. Possession of any amount of drugs – even one dose – or being under the effects of an illegal drug can cost the user several years in prison. Police can force any person to take a blood or urine test if they are suspected to be under the influence of drugs. “It will make it easier for the police to convict [petty drug users],” said Yuly Rybakov, a deputy in the nation’s lawmaking branch, the Duma. When the new law was enacted activists passed out leaflets pushing for the legalization of Marijuana and Hash, but were ignored – and even threatened with arrest – by the government. Over 250,000 people were arrested on drug charges in 1998 and in 1999 the Interior Ministry said it confiscated over 60 tons of drugs.

In June 2000 the Russian Parliament added an amendment to the law, declaring it illegal for media outlets, including Web sites, to even disseminate information about drugs. The amendment bans information about “producing, preparing and using” drugs, any medical advantages of drugs, or places where they are sold. But drugs are still prolific in Moscow and can be found most places where people gather to party. The Russian government reported that in the mid-1990s the country had nearly 1 million hectares of wild hemp and poppies growing there. That number has likely increased as capitalism, and the demand for recreational drugs, has spread. From the amount of drugs confiscated, the government estimates that business is growing by 30 percent each year.

“Drugs are pretty much widely available,” Wilson said. “As far as softer drugs go, from what I understand, most young people have at least tried pot and many use it regularly.” She explained that drug sales are not contained in specific areas of town, noting that “neighbourhoods are not necessarily delineated according to income and status.” “I wouldn’t say drug use is confined to particular neighbourhoods,” Wilson said.

Russia has long been famous for its vodka – both the quality of brands made there, such as Stolichnaya, and the prodigious consumption of it by Russian citizens. If the very real danger of buying Pot, Hashish or hallucinogens puts off visitors, they can take heart that the local drink is still legal. at least for now.