Monument, Colorado

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Laws in Colorado are (as of 11/21/09): 4 oz or less = petty offense, $100 fine

4-16 oz. = misdemeanor

16 oz+ = felony

Law enforcement: Police usually aren’t out looking for smokers. Obviously you don’t wanna light one up in the open with cops around, but in relatively private areas you’ll be fine. Most of the cops here will probably take your bud and smoke it themselves. Just take the same precautions as you would anywhere else. Stay low-key and you’ll be good to go. Monument is close to larger cities like Colorado Springs and Denver, but is probably more conservative due to the fact that it’s a small town.

Where to buy marijuana: Your best bet is to look around local attractions such as safeway, 7-11, or the skatepark. There are always smokers there, and 75% of above 18ers in Monument smoke.

Marijuana prices: Pretty standard prices: 15 a gram, 50 an eighth, 90 a quad, etc.

Usually some anonymous danks, can get ultra-dank name brands though

Marijuana brands: Have seen some good name brands (mostly diverted medical) going around lately. (sour diesel, trainwreck, orange kush, etc.)

More information: Monument is a small to medium-sized town between Colorado Springs and Denver, so chances are the weed you’re getting comes from one of those places.