Montevideo, Uruguay

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5! this place is like Amsterdam, but its cheaper prices, and better weather

Legislation: MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – This small, quiet, slow-moving nation doesn’t make much news. That’s part of being a small, quiet, slow-moving nation.

But Jorge Batlle has figured out a way to get headlines. He has become the first head of state in the region, and one of the few anywhere, to call for the decriminalization of illicit drugs. Mr. Batlle, a blunt free-market reformer, questions the costs and effectiveness of a drug war whose primary theater of battle is Latin America.

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Possession up to a reasonable amount about 25 grams, for personal use is not penalized

Law enforcement: they do drugs… so the worst that can happen is that they take your shit.

Where to buy marijuana: all beaches, party’s, & if u go out on the street its very common to see some brat in a a new ferrari porsche or even a lamborghini. (i have seen all this 3 things happen, in real life)

further reporting told us “it is all over town , but it might not be that easy to find if you dont know the language, i would recomend going to the CIUDAD VIEJA the colonial district of town, there is a street there named Peatonal Sarandi, that is where all the vendors of arts and crafts lay down their goods, ask any of the long haired vendors there, and they should be able to hook you up

Marijuana prices: If u are a goodfella, and know how to get around in a city, u can get 50 Grams for 15 dollars, u can allways pay more and get better stuff, ofcourse!

in Uruguay marijuana is called PORRO UN VEINTY CINCO means 25 grams and it is a little less than one ounce, it is going today anywhere from 10 to 20 us dollars 250 to 500 pesos, you mat always ask for UNA PALANCA that means enough to roll a joint for 20 pesos or one us dollar

Marijuana brands: 5 types, depends on the month in the year, but face the facts, there is always around.

all marijuana going around in montevideo, is imported from paraguay, or brazil, depending on the season could be pretty good, best from oct to feb it comes pressed into one kilo brikcs

More information: dude, this is like the best place on the entire earth!