Montego Bay, Jamaica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Ganja is in fact illegal in Jamaica.

Unless you are making trouble, you would rarely ever be hasseled. There are extremely rare traffic search stops between Montego bay and Negril but you’d be more likely to be struck by lightning. I often stop on the way to Negril to buy buds from an old friend.

Law enforcement: Do not huff around police! This gives them an invitation to latch onto you for some bribe money. I’d rather spend my greenbacks on buds. Security gaurds at the resorts will generally look the other way and most often will sell you buds if you ask.

and also: “Be careful, don’t push their tolerance, Jamaicans are not all rastas and plenty of them will not appreciate you smoking in front of them. ”

Where to buy marijuana: Just about anywhere except police stations!

Rastas by the side of the road. Your taxi driver will help you. In fact you will do well not to be offered it unless you’re a more mature smoker! Make a friend of the barman. I’ve been offered crack, mushrooms, coke and all sorts of cannabis products in Jamaica. Be careful. Avoid crackheads at all times.

Marijuana prices: 1 oz. of what they call their best about $50.00

4 oz on branches ( seedless) just cured about $120.00

Bought good weed for $20 a bud. Once I broke it out, dried it, and took out the seeds, I had a good half ounce for the head. First hit I took got me messed up.

I have been smoking since 12 and now I’m 53. I couldn’t leave my room for an hour and a half.

and also: “These vary. A local will pay about 10 US an ounce

for top stuff. You may pay a lot more. Haggle.”

Additionally: Never buy what you are first offered, push to see better grades.

Marijuana brands: All sorts. Not all great. Usual rules apply: sticky, smelly buds are probably good, dried out stuff will be less potent. Strength varies enormously. I have smoked resin, called gum by the Jamaicans I think. Keen “tour guides” will take you out to see the ganja fields – hang out in the ultra touristy bars for a little while and chat to the younger lads.

More information: I am going back for more.