Missoula, MT, Montana

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.8

Legislation: They recently passed Iniative 2 that makes marijuana the least punishable crime if you are above the age of 21. If the amount in question is 60 grams or under they will write you a ticket which will be less that a jay-walking fine!

Not friendly but rarely enforced. Stay under 60g to remain in misdemeanor category.

Under an ounce is a misdeameanor, which is generally just a fine, not too bad…and every time a cop has seen me smoking or smelled pot on me they have let me go. Medicinal pot is legal in the state, so if you have a med card then you can have 4 plants or 1 oz.

another reporter added: “Montana has had a medical marijuana law since November, 2004. “Sixty-two percent of voters approved Initiative 148 on November 2, 2004. The law took effect that same day. It removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess written documentation from their physicians authorizing the medical use of marijuana. Patients diagnosed with the following illnesses are afforded legal protection under this act: cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe or chronic pain; severe nausea; seizures, including but not limited to seizures caused by epilepsy; or severe or persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease. Patients (or their primary caregivers) may possess no more than six marijuana plants. The law establishes a confidential state-run patient registry that issues identification cards to qualifying patients. To date, approximately 120 cards

have been issued to registered patients.” Source: http://www.norml.com/index.cfm?Group_ID=4548&wtm_view=medical”

Law Enforcement: Most relaxed cops ever encountered!

Won’t flat out ignore you or complaints by the neighbors. Mostly bust kids in dorms though, can’t imagine a cop coming buy to bust you for smoking in your home.

Another reporter added: “I have been around cops while smoking, in public. If your not in an area which is populated by large amounts of kids, and are not being loud or rude they will leave you alone. Be very careful while in dorms they really like to bust you there.”

Good news and bad news as of Fall 2007.

Good news: Fall 2007, one year after Initiative 2, prosecutors are getting ready to implement as the lowest law enforcement priority in the county the possession of small amounts of marijuana cases, as passed by a majority in a referendum. “according to a draft of the policy by Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg, an outspoken opponent of the measure.” “In the interest of compliance with the 2006 voter initiative on marijuana … we are asking law enforcement officers to stop arresting individuals or writing and submitting tickets (with mandatory appearance dates) where the offense committed is solely possession of marijuana in misdemeanor amounts or possession of drug paraphernalia intended for use of marijuana,” “Van Valkenburg’s policy also instructs deputy prosecutors to charge misdemeanor marijuana cases on a lowest-priority basis when marijuana is the sole offense. We will treat them as uncharged cases that will be assigned to a prosecutor and charged on a

lowest priority basis,” according to the (draft) policy. “If charged, we will seek issuance of a summons with the complaint.” If a defendant is charged but has no criminal record of consequence, county attorneys will offer a deferred prosecution agreement rather than filing formal charges. No court appearance would be required.” A “committee will annually track and report to taxpayers how much local government time and money is being spent on adult marijuana offenses as compared to other law enforcement issues.” “the annual report, which will be available to members of the public on Nov. 14.”

Bad news that probably still is true as of Fall 2007: A Missoula county public defender of seven years, Rob Henry, wrote to a local newspaper in Spring 2007, cautioning people about undercover entrapment and strict prosecutors “In my experience, however, the majority of felony marijuana cases deal with very small amounts of pot, less than the 60-gram misdemeanor limit for possession. These cases often involve users who sell or barter small quantities of marijuana, often for no monetary profit. I have had clients who were pestered by undercover informants, who they mistakenly thought were their friends, into procuring small amounts of pot for them, merely serving as middle men and making absolutely no money from the transaction. Such activity results in a charge of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs, a felony.

This felony statute can also be applied to merely passing a pipe or joint to another person, and, despite Van Valkenburg’s assertion that his office will exercise discretion, I know of at least one such prosecution that is currently being pursued by the County Attorney’s Office. Another common felony charge is criminal possession with intent to distribute, with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. A person can be prosecuted for this if they have less than 60 grams of marijuana that is merely in more than one baggie or container. Another situation that can result in a serious felony conviction is the cultivation of even one tiny marijuana plant. My gut tells me that these are exactly the kind of cases the citizens of Missoula County had in mind when they voted for Initiative 2. Rob Henry, Missoula”

Yet the local law enforcement has told newspapers they disagree with Rob Henry’s interpretation of Initiative 2, and are just not prosecuting simple possession of marijuana in small amounts.

References: http://cannabisnews.com/news/23/thread23424.shtml and http://www.missoulian.com/articles/2007/04/02/letters/letters1.txt

Where to buy Marijuana in Missoula, Montana : Palace Billiards, The Ox, UC Game Room, downtown on the street. Also, the Rhino and Top Hat. Friendly enough crowd.

Another reporter added: “Around the campus, you can tell what these people look like and some are not even normal just keep and eye and ear peeled and you will find it.”

Missoula, Montana Marijuana Prices: 45 for 1/8’s of headies, always AK, trainwreck, blueberry, juicyfruit, afgooey, etc.

– 80 for 1/4

– 230 for 1 oz

a recent report is: “50/ 8th standard

quarter deals when you find them

ounces hard to come by under 300 of any decent quality schwag at 25/8th”

and another reporter added: “That can range from 25 an eight to 50 an eight. if you take your time you will find very good quality for 50. I wouldn’t pay much over 50 for anything no matter what they say. Lower prices can usually be found off campus easier.”

Brands: There are many brands found in missoula the best time of year is from thanksgiving until after christmas break. Trainwreck, BlueGoo, Fire, White Widow Almost anything you want.

More Information: Weekend nights around games everybody’s drunk and wandering. Ask them. Odds of a cop sting while doing that are absolute zero. Odds of trouble driving drunk though are very very high. Fairly good priorities among cops when it comes to small amount users.