Memphis, TN, Tennessee

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: half ounce and under gets written a ticket most of the time, and on alot of occasions the cops will just take your bag and let you go, as this is the murder capital of the USA, they have worse problems to deal with then herb.

Over a half ounce you will most likely get taken downtown to the 201 precinct to spend a night with some of the most violent thugs on the planet!!!

The only way the cops will bust you with pot in Memphis is if you get pulled over and your car stinks like herb, so drive slow & safely in Memphis and try to smoke somewhere other than your car!!! (back proch of newbies or your hotel room is the place to smoke)

Law Enforcement: As long as your in the City there is nothing to worry about, the cops are much to busy with murders and crack dealer to be worried with folks smoking marijuana. In suburbs such as germantown, collierville, and cordova this is not so true, there is no crime in these areas so all the cops do is but kids for herb, so be careful and drive the spped limit if in these areas.

Where to buy marijuana in Memphis: Dont buy in Orange Mound neighborhoods unless you want a handgun in your face, its much to dangerous!!! try the U of M campus strip on highland avenue just south of orange mound. Bar hop and look for people who smoke, try “Newbies” on Highland strip, its a bar where all the local stoners hang, there is a back porch on the bar thats fenced in from the street, people smoke here freely as if in Vancouver or Amsterdam. If no one is outside grab a beer and check back in a minute or two there are always folks out back smoking at “Newbies”.

If you cant find anything here, which I cant imagine, there is a headshop called “Whatever” also on the highland strip just a block or so down. Browse around wait for the store to empty out and when its just yourself and the workers in there ask them, they will most likely help u out as long as you act cool about it.

Another area to check is the Cooper/Young district north of the U of M campus off the main road in Memphis “poplar avenue”. This area is where all the artsy folks hang out, check out the bars and headshops there are many of both and almost everyone in this area smokes. There is also a theater called Studio on the Square that plays all kinds of independent films and there are always stoners there checking them out…the key is just ask! smokers are friendly people, and if they cant get you any personal they will definately smoke you out, or sell you a few bowls of their personal.

Dont try Beale Street for herb, most likely to get ripped off or robbed.

Memphis Marijuana prices: $45/90 for beastes/BC’s

50/60 100/120 For super funk just depending on whether you get middle manned or not. but if you do pay 60/120 it will be worth it!!!

Schwag got from 15 a quarter up to 35 a quarter depending on who your dealing with. Normally can get ounces for $60-75 and QP’s go for about 200-250

Brands: Shwag: real common around that area, but dirt cheap make a lot of hash out of that

> MIDS: Most commonly lied to by dealers saying it’s hydro or dank

> Real Hydro is very rare to find, but it’s pretty much the best thing they got going for them…

and also: ” Lots of good chronic, people in Memphis dont use names though except distinguishing between Chronic, beasters and Schwag…”

More information: there is tons of herb in Memphis…ITS EVERYWHERE!!!! just be careful and try to deal with bearded, long hair hippy folks or college kids as oppossed to the Gangsters roaming around all over the place