Melbourne, FL, Florida

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: possession under 28 grams is a misdemenor anything else your looking to get screwed

Law enforcement: The Melbourne PD will check on you if they’re suspicious. If you’re over 25 and white, you should be fine. The cops here tend to be very suspicious of minorities and teenagers.

another report: “the cops around are looking to get you especially the older cops who like to pouce on younger peoople if you are white and seen in booker t by a cop you will get pulled over as they know you are their to buy weed so theyll get you when you are leaving ”

Where to buy marijuana: Ask around on Croton Road, or Booker T. The dealers in Melbourne tend to be fairly reliable, but just be smart about it. Some of the white dealers are a little shaky, but if you act like you’re street smart, you should be fine.

and also “you can go to booker t but you will risk getting robbed and ripped off but if you know the right person you can find it anywhere dont buy from little skaters as they probably have arizona which is the eqivalent to swag ”

Marijuana prices: Regs: 1/4th $25.00, 1/2 $40-$50, 1 oz $70 – $80

Crip: 1/16th $15-$20, 1/8th $30-40, 1/2 $150, 1oz $200 – $250

and also: “arizona (swag): usually you can get it for free but oz 40$

regs: 1/4 oz $25 / 1/2 oz $ 45 / oz $ 70

crip: 1/16 oz $ 25 / 1/8 oz $50 / 1/4 oz $ 100 / 1/2 oz $160 / 1 oz $270-350

chronic/ haze : $30 a gram oz $ 550 ”

Marijuana brands: Regs (Sometimes called mids) is normally mid-grade pot. Crip is anything above mid-grade, normally seedless hydroponic, with a fruity blend. Sometimes there will be purple haze (Which is mostly actually kade), and occasionally chronic.

With crip, some $15/g dealers will cut you short, so watch out.

and also “arizona ( the swag)

regs ( usually good mostly mids)

crip ( different names but same thing)

anything above that will probably be chronic and purple haze other than that its fake ”

More information: most of the weed is good around here and dealers will hook you up fat but dont listen to other people who try to rename their shit for higher price you got reggie or crip and you will have to look at the shit if they say other wise