Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Weed is illegal, but is acceptable in small amounts, where it will simply be taken away. In fact, it is common for people to smoke in public areas, in broad daylight. Of course, this does depend on the law enforcement, as technically, you can still be nicked for its possession. Dealing is a more serious matter, as usual, and will not be dealt with so lightly.

Weed is actually a huge part of the culture down here and is freely smoked in plazas and parks.

Law enforcement: The local cops are usually extremely relaxed, and often quite friendly. They will often let you go on a warning or even ignore any light offenses. However, the guardia civil – the military police – are not so, and will most likely make things hard for you. In the end, they’re all pretty corrupt, and the right amount of money can get you out of any situation. It helps to speak Spanish, or at least try to.

Where to buy marijuana: The one thing to keep in mind if you’re a tourist is to not go up to the Spanish gypsy kids. These are the ones dressed in trackpants with strange haircuts (basically chavs) who drive scooters, etc. Nearly all of them will act ‘unfavorably’ to tourists.

A lot of the time people will come up to you – mainly Moroccans or Spanish. Enough time walking around Plaza Naranjos in Marbella or Puerto Banus at night and someone will fish you out. As with the cops, attempt to speak Spanish – it’s better than speaking in English, as you’re implying they should adapt to you and they might take it offensively.

The safest bet is to go to Puerto Banus and ask any 15-19 year old who looks middle-class. When everyone’s wasted enough, the whole thing is just a big mashup and you can pretty much find what you want.

Marijuana prices: Hash is cheap as it comes straight from Morocco. It is generally called pollen or chocolate, with white hash being called pollen or pan de igo (the highest quality). Darker hash is usually called Pakistani.

The weight system is NEVER used, except with upper class weed, which is extremely difficult to get your hands on.

Overall, it’s pretty hard to get weed, as hash is so popular, but if you do manage to get your hands on some, expect a premium, and dont expect anything special. Only the English kids ever actually use strain names, so don’t bother asking unless they tell you.

It’s a bit of luck, as sometimes you’ll get nothing and sometimes you’ll get completely hooked up. No weed economy is really established here – everyone just does their own thing.

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One Response to “Marbella, Spain”

  1. Helios

    Sorry but this update was obviously written by some stupid english guy a few years back.
    First of all YOU CANNOT corrupt the po-lice. This isn’t Morocco or India or Mexico. You may be lucky with the local cops who might just take your product and tell you to piss off, but that will never happen with the National Police or the Civil Guard. So whoever is suggesting you try and bribe a fucking cop in Spain is absolutely mental. At best, the guy may laugh at you, at worse he would be greatly offended. English tourist come down here and think this is Africa, and they’re usually the ones who get in trouble for driving like monkeys or thrown in jail for bar fights, etc, etc.

    Also the weight system is used by dealers, if you find a good contact. As for any place, the more you look the better options you might find. But the writer of this post can’t say it’s “NEVER” used, I do 90% of my shopping with dudes who have electronic scales. And there is a weed economy, one for foreigners and madrileños for whom the gram is sold at about 6-9 euros (this remains better than the UK), and locals for whom the gram is sold at about 3-6 euros.

    It’s a shame most stoners are retarded, like the author of this note.


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