Malaga, Spain

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Spain but it is not a major concern if the police catches you with some pot as they will most likely just confiscate the gear and then leave.

Law enforcement: If visiting Malaga, watch out for police with names such as “Policia Local” (local police), “Policia Nacional” (you can probably work this one out), and “Guardia Civil” – the feared Military police – the civil guard.

The Local Police will most likely only confiscate the drugs alike the nationals but the Civil Guard will give you hell. My friend was threatened to be shot in the head for possession of 5 grams. They are corrupted assholes.

Where to buy marijuana in Malaga: Most areas will have available pot for tourists, but avoid areas such as Montemar and San Andrטs because the inhabitants have low respect for tourists. Benalmadena is a growing tourist town where morrocan hash can be found easily. Head for the Paloma Park and the skatepark as locals mobsters sit there. Just ask one of the hispanic boys ( usually between the age of 17 to 21 ) sitting on a scooter and ask for: “Chocolate” (choclate – common term for hashish). They will then ask you “Cuanto” being how much. Dont reply in grams or ounces just say the amount of money you wish to spend. eg. 10 ,20 euro or more. This is the safest way to hook up with some nice morrocan hash.

Malaga Marijuana prices: Morrocan hash is relatively cheap with the price being about 50 euros for and ounce and 10 euros for an eigth. Buds are a little more expensive but if you hook up with the right person ( usually english ) you can get some suberb mind blowing skunk. This is usually homegrown or imported from Amsterdam.

Brands: Morrocan hash is most widely smoked in southern Spain, being to close to Morroco. The potency is ranged – sometimes you can hook up with a massive block of hash for 10 euros but unfortunately the quality does not match its quality. And at times you can find blonde-coloured “Rubio”. This is the best you’ll get in Malaga. Skunk is also available but is unfortunately most scarce. However when you are lucky enough to get some the quality is never doubted and can be very to extremely potent.