Lugano, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Growing is legal, purchasing is legal but smoking isn’t.

Law Enforcement: The cops are almost not even there. It is tough to find places to smoke because the cops ride motorcycles and they can sneak up on you a little. That said, people openly smoke pot in public at the park so im guessing the cops might be a little lax. Also, this place to go has been for a couple years with the same dude so i figure if there worth there weight in salt they would do something if they cared. So my advice to you is relax and indulge but if you see cops anywhere I would skat.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Lugano: There is a park by the lake – It’s big so you will find it for sure. Inside the park there is one path that is a circle. You follow that until you see a shelter looking structure and there will usually be chilling there. Make sure you go after 2 though because they do not usually get there until then. Anyways, there should be a scroungy looking guy there that has a brown and white pitt bull that he sometimes chills with. He will most likely approach you but if he doesn’t walk by him and say “Dove Ganja”. He is stingy and won’t negotiate on prices but hey that’s the spot i know…

Latest updates say: Bar oops…take the bus towards pregassona to stop Sacro Coure. Turn left off the bus and then its right in front of you, look for guys around the church and hanging in front of the glass windows

Lugano Marijuana Prices: I paid 50 francs which is like 40 dollars maybe a little more. In the US i would not pay that much for the quality or quantity I received BUT like i said before thats the spot i know.

Marijuana Brands: The weed he sells is decent. Its not anything that would be sold in Amsterdam but its not bad. There might be a seed or two. The buds have very dark hairs brown in color. I smoked two joints (one big one small) between 4 people and the high was nice and lasted for about 4 hours. It gave me bad cottonmouth but it might be a result drinking enough water.

latest prices: 50 francs for 3-5 grams…mostly 3…sometimes 2.5

if there stingy. 5 grams is usually not so great outdoor leafy bud

All depends on your luck. I’ve had really good indoor and really shitty outdoor, good hash though, u never go wrong with the hash, which is more readily available than weed most the time.

More Information: Lugano is awesome, there will usually be people indulging in some sort of mind altering experience in the park and there is a nice lake with beaches. There are tons of mountains and everyone should check it out.