Luang Prabang, Laos

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.75

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Laos, but is widely sold and used by locals and tourists.

Law enforcement: Minimal. The Laos government are trying (and succeeding) to turn Luang Parabang into a tourist mecca. They dont want to put people off. Be discreet though.

Where to buy Marijuana: From tuktuk drivers, cyclo taxis and on the street, there are a few guys who hang around the nackpacker hotel lanes, not far from the night market.

Marijuana prices: most will want 100,000 kip (about 10 us dollars) but you can get for 50,000 kip

Brands: Buds – pretty good quality for outdoor grown local bush. Dont expect skunk but the stuff we bought was fresh, tasty and in good shape.

and also: “everything from seedy week weed to very strong sensi with a fine fruity smell and taste … ask to see before buying … if its a huge bag with seeds …leave it alone … if you refuse to buy this you will be offered a better quality …smaller bags but much better … ask for not-seedy … you will be rewarded …”

More information:

hang around luang prabang for a while and absorb the atmosphere here … gorgeous place with gorgeous weed …. very uplifting …

dont bother with the opium …