Letchworth, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legal status: Cannabis is illegal and is now a Class C drug. It’s against the law to possess it, sell it or give it away, grow it or let your place be used for smoking it.

Law Enforcement: There are often police patrols in the town centre especially around the train station. If you are caught and are over 18 then you will get an on the spot written warning and the weed will be confiscated. If you are under 18 however you are likely to be taken to the police station and your parents called.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Letchworth: More word of mouth then anything. If you find someone who looks like a blazer or someone actually smoking a fat blunt or somethign ask them and there sure to hook you up.

Letchworth Marijuana Prices:

tens £10 – usually 1.5g

eighth £20 – usually around 3.0g, rarely a full eighth unless dealer is known well

quarter £40

half ounce £65-75

ounce – £120-140

Brands: Almost all skunk although you sometimes get home grown stuff.