Lawrenceville, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Posession is an arrestable offense, although it is a misdemenor and usually results in fines and community service on your first arrest. Posession of more than 1 oz and cultivating/selling is a felony.

The laws in GA, as they are scripted are somewhat tough, however they are rarely enforced by the book in Atlanta. >28 grams=felony, any sale=felony

*Ga is one of the few states with “per se drugged driving law” which states that if you have any traceable amount of an illegal drug in your system while driving you are guilty of dui. This law is currently being challenged in the state supreme court.

Law enforcement: cops in lawrenceville, and gwinnett county in general, are bored and many are assholes. best to not get caught, just be smart. I smoke all the time, usually behind buildings in my neighborhood, or in woods or shortcuts thru neighborhood (everywhere). I have but wouldnt advise smoking while riding unless on the highway (I-85, 75, 2-85, I-20 can sometimes be risky). However, ive smoked at residential neighborhood playgrounds (in the slides just for fun) and had no prob. Only thing is blunts smell so be careful. Most people are used to seeing blunts, so a joint will prolly go unnoticed as usually only solo smokers or old school (pre say bout 1978) are smoking J’s. I walk with qtrs and halfs all the time, but minors are usually safe from random shit long as not doing anything stupid. Just be smart, and DONT BE RUDE to the police, bad idea. Minorities (Blacks, Latinos) are more likely to be hassled, although many residents here are minorities. Minorities are also more likely to look the other way towards smoking…dont smoke in front of elder people though, wil probably call the law, most younger people are cool

Where to buy marijuana: Look for hip hop looking guys, stunner shades, baggy pants, loud rap blasting. Most young guys smoke, specially most white guys i kno. Don’t let race be a factor for deciding from whom to buy, because most ppl here smoke great stuff.

People walking down the street might be helpful, but that’s always risky. Look for young adults who look like they smoke. Also anyone coming out of a gas station with blunts, as most people round here smoke blunts…that’s probably the best identifyer of smokers. most anyone you see with cigar in their ear can help you.

As far as locations there’s really no SET location, best bet is hang out in front of gas stations, smoker types always go/come to get blunts, blacks, etc. If ur desperate look for sum hip hop looking ppl at Gwinnett Place or Discover Mills (malls), high kids like going to the mall to chill ^_^

Marijuana prices: well here i get pretty straight prices for great bud. $5-nic, 1g. (1 cigarillo)

dimes- 10 (2 g)

dubs-20 (bout 4-5 g)

usually ur better gettin qtrs, halfs, or oz. I pay 25 (sometimes 30/35 if its some dank) for qtr, 50-60 (maybe 65) for halfs, 90-100 (sometimes up to 120 or round there) for oz. If ur not payin that ur gettin ripped off, buying some half a blunt to the head knocks u out weed. (kush) weed is expensive in other places ive seen, but u shouldnt be payin 90 for a qtr unless its dro, kush, purp, etc. If u smoke like that then go on and spend coke prices on bud, but ALL weed i get is good. Sometimes youl get somethin and b like WTF, but last time i experienced that was more than a yr ago. One time i got 6g/$25, but it was great shit so i wasnt complaining

Marijuana brands: we got it all. Kush is generally about 30/g (1 blunt). Purps run bout the same. Most weed u find is mid-high mids and WILL get u high, even fucked up.

For high ass mids u mite pay 30/35 a qtr, but ive payed that and got a better deal w/the usual $25/qtr. I speak of all this great dank, but theres plenty of shitty weed. Wen i 1st started smoking, it was schwag, nothin to wat im smoking now. For GREAT shit u gotta no people. However, never once have i smoked here and not been high, so its all relevant. Be smart, dealers usually let u look/smell b4 purchase, might even smoke a L with u if your cool

More information: recently bought a quarter (actually 7.8grams) for $25, orange hairs, dark green, broke down perfectly. didnt even smell like weed. got bout 4 seeds out the sack. 1 bowl of this had me a nice buzz…1 dutchie wit my homie n we was both pretty good, almost HIGH . Most people round here who smoke, they SMOKE (multiple blunts daily), so if u buy buds u mite end up rollin a blunt or 2 with your trapper; me and my friends usually do. People WILL rip you off by all means, if u dont act like you are from around here or no wat ur talkin bout you will be paying $20/g for ‘dro’ or ‘kush’ thats nothing more than mids, maybe worse. After you find sum good, try to be friendly, establish prospect of repeat business. After your trapper (dealer) gets to kno u they will hook u up better.