Lawrence, KS, Kansas

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: possession of marijuana was moved from district to municipal court only-no low prioirty–it is NOT TRUE that less than 35 grams is a misdemeanor. There is NO LIMIT on what is called “intent to sell” three grams individually packaged will get you a felony.

Law Enforcement: cops are busting a LOT of people (see Wakarusa music fest reports).

Where to buy marijuana in Lawrence: Massachuttes street is a good place to start when looking for weed. There are many head shops (best place is Free State Glass, good custom pieces) and coffee houses that make pot easier to find, (however – don’t just walk into a coffeeshop and ask for weed – you will probably get blank stares if you do that…) Campus is also a good place to ask around especially around the dorms.

Lawrence marijuana Prices: Schwag: $20 a quarter, $35 a half, $60 an ounce

Mid-grade: $40 a quarter, $70 a half, $125 an ounce High-quality buds: These range in price depending on who you know and where you shop. I currently get Ak-47, Northern lights, blueberry, etc. for $50 an 1/8. Prices on the street range from $50-70 for an eighth.

Lawrence marijuana Brands: AK-47, Blueberry, northern lights, super skunk, white widow, white rhino, romulan, and various crosses of these. There is also a lot of home grown bud that is extremely high quality.

More information: Lawremce is definately the best place in Kansas to find good bud. It could also quite possibly be the best place to get good nugget in the midwest.