Lakewood, OH, Ohio

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: 100 grams or less is punishable by fine only, takes about a QP or more to garner any serious heat.

“Under Ohio’s law, motorists with detectable levels of THC in the blood above 2 ng/ml or detectable levels of THC-COOH in the urine above 15 ng/ml are guilty of DUID. (Ohio Revised Code Annotated Section 4511.19, Amended by Senate Bill 8)


* If violated, a mandatory jail term of three consecutive days (seventy-two consecutive hours.) The court may sentence an offender to both an intervention program and a jail term. The court may impose a jail term in addition to the three-day mandatory jail term or intervention program. However, in no case shall the cumulative jail term imposed for the offense exceed six months.

* The court may suspend the execution of the three-day jail term under this division if the court, in lieu of that suspended term, places the offender under a community control sanction and requires the offender to attend, for three consecutive days, a drivers’ intervention program.

* License may be suspended from a definite period of six months to three years.”

Law enforcement: Not too bad around Cleveland, but be careful driving in Lakewood and on the various interstates on your way back home. State troopers are especially bad on weekends, but are more worried about issuing speeding and DUI tickets than searching cars, so just drive carefully and keep a low profile (no smoking!) and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Where to buy marijuana: W.150th area is the best;safest, most potent and most weight availability…there are various small timers around Lakewood, most with pretty good quality…I would recomend to buy halfs or under in Lakewood, and to go more into Cleveland for anything bigger. Avoid street dealers; most are peddling junk or just trying take your money and run.If you are new to the area and of age, hang out in the various bars up and down Madison Avenue and Detroit Ave in Lakewood…as it’s a pretty liberal town, about 90 percent of those in the bar are ‘heads…just make friends and it should be easy to tap into the local trade. If you don’t dig the bar scene, mingle in the various headshop/alternative stores in the area, or for a last resort go to either the Metroparks or Madison Park.

Marijuana prices: Normal=

25 an eigth

50 a quarter

80 a half

150 an O


20 an eigth

40 a quarter

70 a half

140 an O

Tapped in prices-

20 a eigth

40 a quarter

60 a half

100 an O

Kind BuD(Nugs,KB,etc):

40-50 a Eigth

80-100 a quarter

140-180 A half

200-300 an O

Marijuana brands: Cleveland Crunch= About 70 percent of Cleveland and Lakewood area commercial weed falls under this catagory…a strong smelling weed that gets its name from its natural density…each time you break up a nug, you hear a nice “crunch”. Medium strength, decent buzz and very good smell for merch.