Lahore, Pakistan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: In pakistan you go to jail for six months if they catch you with weed.

Law Enforcement: The cops take bribes – all of them…don’t worry about can pay 5 or 6 dollars and get away with pretty much anything..

Where to buy marijuana in Lahore: heeri mundi is the place. At the hira mundi, you can also buy “papard” with weed. Papard sellers also sit outside Panaroma Center on Mall Road. They are about $0.33- each. Or go for a walk in Jallo park, and you will find more weed then you are looking for (free of cost) as it grows freely there. Pay the “mali” (gardner) $2.00-, and he will happily give you a kg. or so. Hash much more abundant; ranging from shitty to awsome. Anywhere from $7.00- per “shatank” (50 grams) to $60.00-. To find ask just about anyone hip, age 17 and 30, and they will lead the way.

Lahore Marijuana Brands: Mostly indicas no hydro but really good kuush and the hash is worth trying.

Lahore Marijuana Prices: 1 rod (5 grams of on a stick ) = 6 dollars (this is price for premo buds)