Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1.5

Legislation: Very very strict, which means death penalty for traficking and for sure jail for any amount, even very small.

another reporter added: “Getting caught under possession of weed will get you the same punishment as getting caught with heroine. The punishment: HANGING! Carrying above 15g of weed automatically qualifies you for this offense. If you were to get caught with less than 15g than I suggest you hire a GOOD lawyer.”

Law enforcement: Severe. You should only smoke in your hotel room. Police does usually not bother foreigner, but they will sure do if they suspect something

another reporter added: “Police here are mostly corrupted. So a bribe could get you away. Tourists should be extra careful as cops will ask for higher bribes or you may not get away at all. Then again it would be much better if you don’t get caught…”

Where to buy marijuana: In the golden triangle area, talk with the guys that try to hook you up with the prostitutes. Play the stupid (I’m not sure if you can get me what I want, bla, bla…) and you will eventually bring on the conversation on weed. Once the deal is set, walk or take a cab straight to your hotel, you don’t want to hang around with the weed. And don’t let the dealer know where you stay as he might then report to his policeman friend ! If you’re very very careful, everything should be fine.

another reporter added: “Go to dealers in clubs. Just ask around. No one will offer you weed. Everyone’s afraid of undercover cops and you should be aware of their existence. Be careful as some crooked dealers may mix heroin in your weed”

and also: “Ask those cigarettes stalls by the sidewalk, they know something although not everyone has it, used to hv it at every stall.

Jalan Chow Kit is the main place for it. It’s quite dangerous after dark as this area has the most crime/ homeless but you can get it even in day time it’s almost 24/7 available. Locate the market, ask someone where is the lamb/mutton are sold, near there, you will find some fruits stalls, look out for guys making eye contact, just nod and walk towards a less crowded place, if he follows, you’re on, pay and get the hell outta there. ”

Marijuana prices: In this place mostly are sold in RM10 packs which hardly enough for a joint, negotiate and ask for better deals.

and also: “Never really measured but… 1 quarter of your palm filled with weed will mostly cost you more or less 30 ringgit Always bargain”

Brands: -C-H-W-W-A-G, hashish are little known here, you’d be lucky if the dealer knows what you’re talking about.

Natural weed from Thailand. Delicious, but not too strong.

another reporter added: “Mostly brick from Indonesia and Thailand… I’ve never come across home grown ones”

More information: Risk of getting caught here is kinda high cause of the undercover cops. And getting caught may kill you. Nice place to get stoned but hard to find. X and meth is easier to obtain here tho…

Near that area there’s the famous brothel area, filthy and full of addicts, you may ask info there too or simply engage of those trans plying the lanes, they will be more than happy to help after stripping you naked! LOL