Kissimmee, FL, Florida

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: same as all Florida state laws, less then 20 grams up to one year in jail and $1,000 fine, and for an ounce or more up to 5 years in jail, $5,000 fine

Law enforcement: Law Enforcement is very strict, and ride around in very clever undercover cars

Im usually very under the radar but i have been searched everytime i have been pulled over or been in a car when someone has been pulled over

Many of my friends have even gotten busted in circumstances that seem unreal


Dodge Chargers, and Magnums with illegal tint

Camaros, Corvettes

Chevy Malibu’s

Dark Blue and Black Suburban and Expeditions

and once i saw Someone get pulled over by what looked like a Moving Truck

Where to buy marijuana: Around here you either have a connect or the hood in McClaren Circle or Poinciana

But in Kissimmee the streets tend to be flooded with bud and its very easy to come by

It seems like everyone sells bud nowadays

Marijuana prices: Dimes go for $10 and tend to be some MidGrade Buds unlike other places Regs

a half for $35 and $45-70 for an ounce

Hi Grades and Exotics go for about 20 a gram

200 for an ounce

Marijuana brands: Usually jus some MidGrade Regs is what is mostly out there

They have allot of Krip and some reall good DRO in areas of Poinciana

In the hood they sell Haze

and every winter theres always some Purple floating around

More information: Its a great city for smokers, the only thing is to watch out for the cops they will pull you over just for looking suspicious and often times write false police reports.