Kiryat Haim, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4-4.7

Legislation: It is illegal to buy ,smoke or sell, but in K.haim most of the people are stoners by heart. if you’ll meet the police and they ask you to search your car don’t panic, coz they’re clowns – one time i drove with a hugh bag full of marijuana in my pants and a “bong” in the car, they searched my car and didn’t find anything.

Law enforcement: If you are underage the police will try to scare you off to tell them with who you hooked up. If you’re a soldier you’ll be sent to an army investigation and that SUX. If you’re an adult the police will probably do NOTHING. In general if they’ll catch you with a minor amount of marijuana and its your 1st time you’ll get a warning and that’s it…if its the 2nd time they might investigate you but most of the time they’ll just send you home cause they’ve got nothing to do with you:)

Where to buy marijuana: If you walk on “Achi Eylat” st. – the main street of K.haim, you’ll notice lots of “24/7” shops. in those shops the sellers are very kind and usually stoners or know stoners very good. my recommendation is to go to any bar and ask them politely 🙂 theres no other way to get marijuana cause in Kiryat Haim people hook up just with people they trust. find a stoner in the street and tell him you must experience the “SATLA” of K.haim:>

Marijuana prices: Hash: 5 gr’ – 100 NIS (something around 25$).(by the way, no one will sell you hash for less than 100 nis.)

Weed: there’s not allot of weed around here right now, altough it might change, so i dunno the prices.

Moreover, you can get “Hydro” and good stuff on Tel-Aviv.

Marijuana brands: the regular stuff, hash and some bad weed. there used to be allot of good weed here and a small amount of hash but now its not like that. HELP US:) Im just kidding:> if you’ll search really good you might find hydro, Moroccan Hash or even Jaras.

More information: You must smoke everywhere you can in K.haim, and find new friends to smoke with, cause in Kiryat Haim we’re all stoners:)

by the way – a “bond” will cost you 10 nis (2.5$) and a test-tube 5 nis (1.25$)