Kiev, Ukraine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: ILLEGAL – Strict Penalties if caught, severe penalties if caught dealing, up to 20 years in prison.

Law enforcement: Police are very tolerant or can be bribed with as little as $50.00 if you have about 2 cigarettes.

Where to buy marijuana in Kiev: Finding Good Marijuana is not easy but it is available. Amsterdam quality Buds can be purchased although all the ones I have found can be rather dry. Lots of shake is available in Match Boxes from dealers at large metro stations in the downtown area. I have found that Hookers usually have access to it!

another reporter added: “Check first the quality & after that buy.At the metro station nobody will sell you grass. Many assholes try to trick with the foreigners so be careful. Believe me.”

Our LATEST reports say: don`t buy near metro stations (many pigs).

ask for weed people who looks like smokers but don’t`t buy more than 5 grams (match box named “pocket”). try to buy a 1/2 of match box (“polowina”-translates like a HALF)–its most popular , not crime, $10-30 USD .

Marijuana prices: ($20 USD per matchbox-5 grams )Hydroponic costs up to $20 USD per gram. hash not produces in Ukraine and costs more than $30 USD per gram (morocco). there are many growers in Ukraine and here you can find real good stuff (but mostly ruderalis).

More information: Relatively new to the Ukraine, most people here are happy just to get drunk. Very popular with the younger generation.

Translator for Ukrainian language (with mix of Russian, but who knows about weed – will understand ):

Do you know where i can buy some weed / hash? = Chi chasom ne znayete de mozhna namutyt’ doobasa / gashyka.

How much does a matchbox of weed cost? = Skilki koshtuye paket doobasa?

Let’s first drink something & then smoke = Davayte spochatku pabookhayem a potim poshmalym.

It’s bad weed !!! = Shoto ne pryot, dich’ka !!!

Hit = napas, benyk, banka

Roach (Cigarette) = Papirosa, Papira

Maybe let’s mix weed with tobacco? = Mozhe kelishnyom?

It’s your turn to smoke, buddy = Khapay druzhe

We are going to smoke everything & then go for a walk = Shya dokurim y poydyom.