Kerala, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: up to 10 year jail for cannabis posssesion.

Law enforcement: Very minimal. Cops can be bribed off with $20.

Local police are easily bribed off with twenty us dollars or more.

Where to buy marijuana: Marijuana is everywhere. Clubs are a very good place, they have everything from weed, hash, and lsd, E, coke(if thats what you fancy).

Unless your into second crack smoking the slums composed of lowerclass peasant’s isnt for you. Yes, thats right Kerala has slums that the corrupt third world government wont admit. These tin shacks, mud bricked homes, straw huts will be crushed by the wrecking ball soon; the city of thiruvananthapuram will gentricate the area with taxes. Beggers with lepresy, out-of-state refugees, crack heads, lowercaste rejects, and others inhabit the slums listed below.

Kannammoola Bund colony,


Two-Cent colony

Rajiv Nagar Wireless colony



Kalady Bund colony

Alathara `Four Cents’ colony at Vilapilsala

Marijuana prices: 20$ greeners for as tolla(10 grams) of great charas. Bulk is cheaper.

$5-$10 for ganja.

Brands: charas(Kashmiri(the best), Manali, Manali cream charas(also very good)

Weed: Anything is avaible from brand name strains, to local 100% indian sativa